Dr Oz: Non-Prescription Ways to Fight Depression Include Fish Oils


Dr Oz: Off-Label Uses For Antidepressants

Dr. Oz and his two guests, Dr. Drew Pinskey and Dr. Daniel Amen, have been having an important discussion about antidepressants. They already went over their worries about the drug being overprescribed, how it does not work that well in the first place and the numerous off-label uses for the drug that may be causing more harm than good. Keep reading to learn about better ways to curb your depression without any medications.

Dr Oz: Do Antidepressants Cause Withdrawals?

Dr. Drew Pinsky said it can be difficult to stop taking antidepressants because of the withdrawal symptoms. He urges every one of his patients who want off the drug to not stop cold turkey. He said it is important to talk with a doctor to get supervision while you wean yourself off the drugs.


On a side note, Dr. Daniel Amen wanted to point out that antidepressants work very well for people with severe depression but he also pointed out the importance of being supervised when on antidepressants.

Dr Oz: Non-Prescription Ways to Fight Depression Include Fish Oils

Dr. Oz went over the different non-prescription ways to treat depression and explained a majority of depressed people have an undiagnosed medical condition.

Dr Oz: Primary Care Physicians Should Not Prescribe an Antidepressant

Dr. Daniel Amen said antidepressants should only be prescribed by a psychiatrist who is professionally trained to diagnose and treat depression. He said, for example, a primary care doctor should not be prescribing antidepressants. They should be ruling out any medical conditions that could cause the depression and then referring the patient to a specialist. Dr. Drew Pinsky explained the role of a primary care provider is to rule out a medical cause that is either causing or contributing to the patient’s depression symptoms. He says once they rule out a medical condition, the doctor needs to refer them to a psychiatrist that can properly treat them and prescribe the right medications.


Dr. Oz thought this was great advice for his audience and said seeing a psychiatrist before filling any type of prescription is a good idea. He said it is the best way to get the best care for yourself.

Dr Oz: Medical Conditions Often Cause Depression

Dr. Oz explained depression symptoms are often caused by an underlying medical condition and if the condition is treated, the depression goes away. The only problem is doctors are not taking the time to diagnose their patients properly. For women, he said they need to demand a full workup before they fill any prescriptions because it is probably a medical condition causing the depression.

Dr Oz: Non-Prescription Treatments For Depression

Dr. Daniel Amen said after the medical conditions are ruled out, there are other things you can do besides taking medication to help with the depression.

  • Exercise – This offers the same type of treatment as taking medication.
  • Take a fish oil supplement
  • Talk therapy – Talking about problems can be helpful for depression.



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    I thought the conversation on Dr. Oz show was excellent and way overdue. Wish that psychiatric nurse practioners had been mentioned as an alternative source of evaluation for depression and other psychiatric issues that may be treated with medication.
    The drug companies have created a crisis in mental health. Many books have been written about this issue, not just for depression but schizophrenia, anxiety and bi polar issues.

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