Dr Oz: New Blood Pressure Number + Ahmed Mohammed


Dr Oz: New Blood Pressure Number

Dr Oz reported that the National Institute of Health just stopped a six-year blood pressure study short, because the information they had was so incredibly powerful they needed to get it out now. According to Dr Oz, it looks as though they could be changing their blood pressure recommendations for the first time since the 1980’s. So, what blood pressure number is right for you? The previous recommended number was 140/90. The new number is 120/80.


Dr Oz: Knowing Your Blood Pressure Number

Dr Oz: New Blood Pressure Number + Ahmed Mohammed

Dr Oz explained the new recommendation for blood pressure numbers and how to tell if you could be at risk. ([email protected] / Flickr)

The study found that controlling blood pressure to that number can reduce heart disease by a third and reduce deaths by 25%. He explained that before his show, members of his audience got their blood pressure checked by members of his medical unit. Dr Oz was then joined by those people, a group of about 20, looking for those who were borderline, meaning those who used to be okay, but according to the new numbers aren’t.


Two of those women expressed a little concern, sharing that they were always told their blood pressure was on the lower side. Dr Oz said he would actually prefer to not use medications to reach that number, but for some people it is necessary. He said it changes where we are on the spectrum because high blood pressure is the number one cause of aging, overall. He said it’s important to remember to get your blood pressure checked, and most places you can get it checked for free.

Dr Oz: I Stand With Ahmed

Ahmed Mohammed is an American teenager from Texas who made national headlines when he brought a clock he made himself to school, alarming school officials. Ahmed was suspended from MacArthur High School and detained by school officials, which caused a whole bunch of controversy. The hashtag campaign “I stand with Ahmed” went viral. The young scientist became a sensation overnight, but many scientists and researchers attacked his scientific merit. Ahmed has many fans and has even been offered several scholarships and was given several shout outs from Facebook, MIT, and NASA. He even got a VIP tour of the Google science fair. He even got a White House invitation from the president.

Dr Oz: Ahmed Mohammed

Dr Oz was happy to welcome Ahmed Mohammed to his show. He’s just a freshman in high school and said he never imagined all this would come out of a science experiment. He shared that he started liking science in first grade, after helping his dad fix a bike. He said he brought the clock to school because he wanted to impress his teachers and show them he’s an engineer.

Dr Oz showed Ahmed a human heart, and then opened it, showing the mitral valve. Dr Oz actually created a clip that would allow him to fix that valve without opening the heart. Ahmed thought it was pretty cool! Ahmed then showed one of his inventions to Dr Oz, showing how there was a delay of time when he dropped a magnet through a non-magnetic tube. Ahmed explained that the magnetic field was only strong enough to pull it slowly.

Dr Oz: Science Experiment With Nitrogen

Dr Oz then had Ahmed put on a lab coat and goggles, before dealing with electricity. Ahmed dipped flowers into nitrogen and then smashed them into pieces with a hammer, explaining that the freezing point, was the flower’s breaking point. Ahmed also dipped red licorice into the nitrogen and then lightly tapped it on the table causing it to snap into pieces.


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