Dr Oz: Near Death Experience Similarities & Is Life After Death Real?


Dr Oz: What Happens At the End Of Life?

Dr. Oz is looking at what happens after death on his May 15 2013 episode. He talked with one expert who said new research has suggested there may not be anything to be afraid of at the end of life. In fact, it could be a joyous time where your meet loved ones from the past.

David Kessler is a grief counselor who has been studying the afterlife for over 20 years and what he has found is that death may not be as scary as we used to think.


Kessler started thinking about the afterlife when he was very young. When he was 12 his mother was in the hospital but he wasn’t allowed to visit her because he had to be 14 to visit. His mother eventually passed away without him or his father by her side. He knew at that moment he wanted to help people have a meaningful experience in such a tough time in their life.

It wasn’t until his father died though, that Kessler said he was transformed from a skeptic into a believer of the afterlife. When his father was dying, Kessler said his father looked depressed and sad but one day he perked up and told his son he had seen his mother the night before and she had told him everything will be alright, that they would be together again soon.

“What if there is standing room only when you die?” asked Kessler as he discussed what could happen after someone dies.


Dr Oz: Near Death Experience Similarities & Is Life After Death Real?

Dr. Oz talked with one woman who survived a terrible bike accident and talked with one expert about the similarities in near death experiences.

Mother Shows Up First To Visit the Nearly Dead

Kessler said the first person many people see when they are close to death is their mother. He said she is always one of the first people reported when someone has a near death experience. They always see their mother coming to comfort them first.

Colleen Survives Being Hit By Semi Truck

On October 8, Colleen’s life changed forever. She was out for a bike ride when a semi truck blew through a stop sign and ran her over. The truck continued driving, dragging her and eventually rolling her to a stop. Colleen could remember lying on the ground, looking down at the inside of her stomach and her knee thinking to herself that she was going to die.

As she was lying in the middle of the street a woman came over to her and told her she was not going to die. She told her God had special plans for her.

She was soon loaded into the back of the ambulance where she began to feel warm. She described the feeling to Dr. Oz as someone cradling her. She began to feel euphoric and she could see a very bright light inside the ambulance. At that point, everything melted away. The noises stopped. Her pain stopped. Everything came to halt and was engulfed by the light.

When she arrived at the hospital she was clinically deceased.

What Happens During a Near Death Experience

Jeffrey Long is an expert in the field of near death experiences. He said everything Colleen talked about was similar to many of the other near death cases he studied, saying almost all people who have had a true near death experience have reported seeing a bright light and feeling as if they are being cradled.

Long said the most fascinating thing about a near death experience is that people have memory of the event. Medically they should not have any memories because the body is shutting down but for some reason most people have a memory of the event.

Dr. Oz explained that new science has revealed when we begin to die our bodies begin to shut down. Our heart stops pumping, our lungs stop working and our blood vessels begin to shrink. But the amazing part is the brain. It begins to shut down slowly, not dying all at once and instead dying in certain areas. Scientists believe this is why memories can be had. The brain can still function but since some of it is dead, it can put it all together coherently at that moment.

Similarities Of Near Death Experiences

Long said there are a lot of similarities between people who have had a near death experience:

  • Out of body experience
  • Journey into a tunnel
  • Encounter with an unearthly light
  • Joyous reunion with people in picture perfect health
  • Review of life

Blind People Have Visuals During Near Death Experience

Long said one of the most fascinating things about the near death experience is that people who are blind report seeing images and having visuals during the near death experience.


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