Dr Oz: Most Embarrassing Questions Answered & What Is Ghost Poop?


Dr Oz: Most Embarrassing Questions Answered

Dr. Oz was answering your most embarrassing health questions and he wasn’t ashamed at all. Whether the episode made you a bit uncomfortable or strange health questions don’t seem to bother you, this was one informative episode with some great health advice.

Dr Oz: What Is a Ghost Poop?

Sometimes there just isn’t a word for what you are trying to describe and it seems to happen to Dr. Oz all the time. He has created a number of new medical terms like “ghost poop,” to describe the phenomenon of waiting so long to use the bathroom you stop needing to go. He also came up with “vurp,” which describes what happens when you burp and a little vomit comes up as well. One of his best made up terms is the “reverse wedgie” which describes what happens when your pants are too tight in the crotch area. And those aren’t even all of them.


Dr Oz: Most Embarrassing Questions Answered & What Is Ghost Poop?

Dr. Oz answered some embarrassing health questions about mucous in poop, having a jogasm when working out and getting rid of butt boils.

Dr Oz: Butt Boils – 5th Most Embarrassing Question Of All Time

Dr. Oz met a woman who coined the term “butt boils” in order to describe her awkward situation. She said her butt boils are so bad they often times make her walk funny and she feels like she is sitting on golf balls when she takes a seat. Dr. Oz told the woman they aren’t exactly boils, but more of a super sized pimple caused by one of her hair follicles getting infected. He said it is best to let the pimples grow and pop themselves since it is a bad idea to poke or pick at them. Dr. Oz suggested she sit in a bath with warm water and Epsom salt which will bring the pimple to the surface of the skin where it can pop naturally.

Dr. Oz does suggest seeing a doctor if boils are something you experience on a regular basis because there are ways to figure out the cause and how they can be prevented in the future.


Dr Oz: “Jogasm” – 4th Most Embarrassing Question Of All Time

Dr. Oz’s next guest shared a problem Dr. Oz had never heard of before today. She told Dr. Oz she experiences intense pleasure when she goes out jogging, something Dr. Oz coined as a “jogasm.” He told the woman it is less embarrassing than she thought, saying many women commonly experience pleasure when running. He explained this happens when you run because the friction is similar to what happens during intercourse and your body is releasing hormones causing a runner’s “high.” If she wanted to avoid the situation, Dr. Oz suggested she wear looser fitting underwear.

Dr Oz: “Moop” – 3rd Most Embarrassing Question Of All Time

The third most awkward question Dr. Oz has ever been asked came from a woman who said she will see mucous in her poop after she eats spicy foods. Dr. Oz coined this health problem “moop.” He explained to the woman she can avoid the problem by adding more healthy food to her diet especially if she is planning on eating some spicy foods. He suggested eating more olives, peanut butter and avocados as well.


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