Dr Oz: Most Embarrassing Questions Answered & What Is Ghost Poop?


Dr Oz: Most Embarrassing Questions Answered

Dr. Oz was answering your most embarrassing health questions and he wasn’t ashamed at all. Whether the episode made you a bit uncomfortable or strange health questions don’t seem to bother you, this was one informative episode with some great health advice.

Dr Oz: What Is a Ghost Poop?

Sometimes there just isn’t a word for what you are trying to describe and it seems to happen to Dr. Oz all the time. He has created a number of new medical terms like “ghost poop,” to describe the phenomenon of waiting so long to use the bathroom you stop needing to go. He also came up with “vurp,” which describes what happens when you burp and a little vomit comes up as well. One of his best made up terms is the “reverse wedgie” which describes what happens when your pants are too tight in the crotch area. And those aren’t even all of them.

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