Dr Oz: Morris Chestnut Dinner Hacks, Workout, & Love Advice


Dr Oz: Viral Videos To Make You Smile

Did you know you could brighten your day day in just 60 seconds? Dr Oz explained that when you’re really laughing hard, your brain is getting the same level of activity as a workout! His audience shared their favorite videos that really get them laughing. The first girl shared a video of a man dancing abd busting moves all over the treadmill and it was certanly impressive! Another woman was then surprised to get a video from Morris Chestnut, who explained that he knew she was a big fan of his, so he wanted to congratulate her on being an educator helping special needs people in the community.


Dr Oz: Morris Chestnut

Dr Oz: Morris Chestnut Dinner Hacks, Workout, & Love Advice

Morris Chestnut joined Dr Oz to learn about dinner hacks, before sharing his own tips for quick workouts and a happy marriage. (gageskidmore / Flickr)

Dr Oz then welcomed Morris to come out and actually give the woman a hug and thank her in person. The woman looked like she was about to have a heart attack, she was so surprised and grateful to meet and actually be standing with Morris Chestnut. Morris is curently starring in the movie The Perfect Guy. Dr Oz shared that he actually had 60 second hacks to get dinner on the table in a hurry, and he was going to have Morris help him put it all together.


Dr Oz: 60 Second Dinner Hacks

Dr Oz and Morris helped Eden Grinshpan, TV host and creator of Eden Eats blog, respond to one viewer who explained that she loves pasta, but doesn’t want to spend an entire day making a sauce. Eden explained that she likes to make a big batch of sauce at a time and then freeze it in ice cube trays. Then, just pop out a cube to make individual portions of pasta sauce.

Then, you can actually make pasta in 60 seconds. Take pasta, put it in a ziploc bag with cold water and leave it there for an hour and a half. Then, take a pot of boiling, salted water, remove the soaked pasta, and add it into the pot. Cook for 60 seconds, drain it, and it’s perfectly read to go. Just add the cubed pasta sauce to the cooked pasta and you’re ready to enjoy some pasta.

Dr Oz: 60-Second Avocado Soup

Then, a viewer named Erin explained tha the cleaning up after she enjoys a meal is what takes a lot of her time too. She was hoping to find a way to cook quickly using only one pot. Eden said the secret weapon is an immersion blender. You can make an avocado soup that involves no cooking at all. All you have to do is combine an avocado, a cup of chicken stock, a little lime juice, and fresh cilantro. Combine the ingredients in a bowl and them blend it with a immersion blender. That simple!

Dr Oz: Morris Chestnut At-Home Quick Workout

Morris Chestnut showed off his rock-hard abs and explained that there are actually a few workouts you can do that take just 60 seconds each, and you can even do them while watching your favorite TV shows! First, do a basic lunge and then twist at the waist, alternating legs and the direction in which you twist. Second, stand up, balance on one leg, and kick your leg back to work your core and glutes.

Dr Oz: Morris Chestnut Love Advice

Dr Oz shared a preview for Morris’ new show Rosewood, and Morris asked Dr Oz to come be a guest on his show. Dr Oz then pointed out that Morris has actually been married to his wife for 19 years and said their secret is communication. Then, Dr Oz lined up some women and gave Morris 60 seconds to answer their questions about love. Within those 60 seconds he told the women to make up after a fight “very passionately,” use chocolate strawberries to get their man in the mood, and to follow your heart, gut and your mind. He also was very clear in saying that it’s sexiest to sleep naked.


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