Dr Oz: Monk Fruit Sugar Substitute & Heartburn Medicines Drain Energy


Dr Oz: Magnesium Supplement Improves Fatigue

Dr. Jennifer Landa previously shared her four fatigue fighting methods with Dr. Oz. She went over how yoga can help reduce stress and boost energy and how iodine can help with thyroid functioning. Keep reading to get more energy-boosting tips.

Dr Oz: Monk Fruit Artificial Sweetener Substitute For Sugar

One of the biggest causes of fatigue is the energy crash we get after eating sugar, so the next advice Dr. Landa had involved using a new sugar substitute that will satisfy your sugar cravings without sucking away your energy. Dr. Landa said monk fruit has been used in Asia for years because of the medicinal properties but also for the sweetness it provides. It is almost 150 times sweeter than sugar. Dr. Oz did some research into the monk fruit and found that it is not only used to treat diabetes but it has been used to help people lose weight for hundreds of years.

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