Dr Oz: Monk Fruit Sugar Substitute & Heartburn Medicines Drain Energy


Dr Oz: Magnesium Supplement Improves Fatigue

Dr. Jennifer Landa previously shared her four fatigue fighting methods with Dr. Oz. She went over how yoga can help reduce stress and boost energy and how iodine can help with thyroid functioning. Keep reading to get more energy-boosting tips.

Dr Oz: Monk Fruit Artificial Sweetener Substitute For Sugar

One of the biggest causes of fatigue is the energy crash we get after eating sugar, so the next advice Dr. Landa had involved using a new sugar substitute that will satisfy your sugar cravings without sucking away your energy. Dr. Landa said monk fruit has been used in Asia for years because of the medicinal properties but also for the sweetness it provides. It is almost 150 times sweeter than sugar. Dr. Oz did some research into the monk fruit and found that it is not only used to treat diabetes but it has been used to help people lose weight for hundreds of years.


Dr Oz: Monk Fruit Sugar Substitute & Heartburn Medicines Drain Energy

Dr. Oz went over the three different over-the-counter medications that can drain energy and explained why the monk fruit is a good sugar substitute.

  • Comes in packet form, scoopable form or in liquid drops.
  • Look for Lo Han
  • Make sure you buy without sugar alcohols
  • Only three calories per serving, which is technically considered zero calories by the FDA

Dr Oz: Statins Cause Muscle Fatigue

The final thing that is draining your energy could be sitting in your medicine cabinet. Dr. Oz said there are three over-the-ounter medicines that cause fatigue and one of them is statin. Dr. Landa explained statins interfere with the energy cycle of the body which prevents us from getting the energy we need. The number one sign of statins causing fatigue is if you feel physically exhausted to the point where you are not able to even exercise.

Dr. Oz pointed out that many people need to take statins for health purposes. Dr. Landa said if that is the case, the person should also be taking 100 mg of C0Q10 every day to fight the muscle fatigue associated with statins.


Dr Oz: Heartburn Medication Drains Energy, Depletes Magnesium Levels

The next group of over-the-counter medications that drain your energy are the ones known as proton pump inhibitors for heartburn. They include Prilosec, Prevacid and Nexium and they make you feel tired because they deplete your of body of magnesium, the body’s energy supply. Dr. Landa suggested taking 400 mg of magnesium supplements at night or two DGL tablets between meals to help you get your energy back.

Dr Oz: Birth Control Pills Cause Fatigue

The final medication causing fatigue could be your birth control pills. Dr. Landa said she does not recommend birth control pills to her patients because they will drain a woman’s energy. She said it was one of the reasons she was so fatigued when she was 28. She explained the birth control pills block the body’s ability to release testosterone.

She suggested getting an IUD form of birth control because it does not control the hormones, meaning you will get your energy back.


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