Dr Oz: Money Saving Secrets + Meal Prep & Thrift Store Shopping


Dr Oz: Lauren Greutman, I Am That Lady

Dr Oz was introduced to Lauren Greutman’s blog, I Am That Lady, about how she has mastered the art of saving. Lauren explained that she’s been broke before and now she helps women create financial freedom for their families. Just eight years ago, she and her husband were in $40,000 of debt. They were trying to live the American dream with a nice house and an Audi and a Cadilac in the driveway. They were secretly drowning in debt and she was suffocating, not knowing how she was going to ever get out of debt.


Dr Oz: Tracking Expenses & Cutting Back

Dr Oz: Money Saving Secrets + Meal Prep & Thrift Store Shopping

Dr Oz spoke with a blogger who was able to pay back more than $40,000 in debt in just a few years, and wait until you hear how her family is doing now. (pictures-of-money / Flickr)

She and her husband began tracking their expenses and realized that their biggest expense was food. They were spending around $1,000 a month on groceries, so she got smart about meal planning and coupon-cutting. She was able to cut her grocery bill down to $200 a month. She then figured out how to save money on everything, and three years later she was out of debt. She decided to start a website to help other busy moms do the same thing.


Dr Oz: Meal Prep To Save Time & Money

Lauren joined Dr Oz on the show to share a few of her money saving techniques. Lauren explained that you can prepare a ton of meals at one time, and then freeze them. In the morning, you just grab a meal, throw it in the slow cooker, and by dinner time it’s ready to serve to your entire family. She usually makes 20-40 meals in one day and it takes her about four hours to do so.

She first labels the bag, and then into the bag she’ll put whatever ingredients are needed to complete it. For example, for her meat sauce, she threw ground beef, salt, pepper, garlic, canned crush tomatoes, and a few other ingredients into the bag. Mix the ingredients together, flatten the bag, and put in the freezer until you’re read to cook it.

Dr Oz: Saving Money On Clothes

Dr Oz then explained that the average woman spends about $3,400 a year on clothes, or $283 a month. Lauren spends about $10 a month on clothes, explaining that she loves thrift stores. The key is that she only buys thrift store clothing that is new with tags and name brand. Some examples include a $118 dress that she got for $2.50. Because it wasn’t her size, she was going to take it and sell it on eBay for $60.

Lauren was excited to share that her husband was actually able to quit his job and come home and work with her on their websites, which is absolutely incredible considering where they were just a few years ago.



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