Dr Oz: Mom’s Money Saving Secrets + Go Meatless & Rounding


Dr Oz: Save Dollar Bills

Dr Oz: Mom's Money Saving Secrets + Go Meatless & Rounding

Dr Oz shared three different money-saving tips that he got from moms who know what they’re talking about! ([email protected] / flickr)

Even Dr Oz knows that most of the time, mothers know best. That’s why he wanted to share some of mom’s best kept money secrets. The first secret was from a mother who said she tricks herself into saving money. Dr Oz said a lot of people toss spare change into a bucket or some other bin, but Francis said she came up with something even better. She said she and her husband save their loose dollar bills in a box and keep the box in the bedroom. She said they will wait until the end of the year to check the box.


Typically, at the end of the year, Francis and her husband can save $300.

Dr Oz: Meatless Meals To Cut Costs

Next, Dr Oz heard from Dawn, a busy mother of three who used to spend way too much money on food, so she came up with a plan to cut costs. She shared that she does at least three meatless meals a week. Some examples of meals she’ll cook include a frittata, a black bean burger, or chili.

By going meatless three meals a week, you could save a minimum of $30 a week, which is $1,500 a year.


Dr Oz: Rounding To Save Money

Next, Dr Oz talked to another busy mom who said her best kept money-saving secret was all about rounding. She shared that she likes to round up by about $5 when she’s paying her bills and round down about $10 when she makes a deposit, and puts the extra money in savings. She said she has a separate savings account that she tries to not touch.

By doing things this way, she saves approximately $1,200 a year, or $100 a month.

If you do all of these combined, you can save $3,000 a year! Would you try all of these? Or just one? What’s your best money-saving secret?


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