Dr Oz: Memory Booster Foods: Tomato & Orange Juice


Dr Oz: Memory Boosters

In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Barbara, a grandmother and a former 4th grade teacher, to play against her grandson, Jeremy, a 4th grader. (No pressure there for grandma!) Read the questions and see if you can guess the right answers. No cheating! Jeremy didn’t.

Dr Oz: Tomato Boosts Memory

1. You pack a turkey sandwich for lunch. Which part of the sandwich contains lycopene to keep your memory working stronger?


a. turkey Dr Oz Memory Boosters
b. tomato
c. cheese

Jeremy and Barbara chose B.

Answer: b tomato. Tomatoes contained lycopene, which helps you retain memory much better. If you’re not a tomato fan like me, you can always go the supplement route for your daily dose.


Dr Oz: Orange Juice Boosts Memory

2. Which drink is richest if folic acid?

a. milk
b. orange juice
c. cranberry juice

Answer: Barbara chose c and Jeremy chose b. Doctor Oz asked Jeremy why he chose b and he had a laundry list of reasons why he chose his answer. When Dr Oz asked Barbara why she chose her answer, she basically shrugged and said it sounded good to her. LOL!

Answer: b. orange juice. Jeremy was right! He pulled ahead. According to Dr Oz, just 1 C a day of orange juice will help you retain information much better. Other sources of vitamin C include oranges and leafy greens, so load up today!

Bonus: Dr Oz suggested eating a handful of pumpkin seeds to improve your memory. Pumpkin seeds contained zinc that will help you improve your memory.

Jeremy beat grandma and won a Dr Oz Show diploma. He also won a Dr Oz lunch bag. Barbara won the shame of knowing that yes, a fourth grader was smarter than her.


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