Dr Oz: Mayor Bloomberg Initiative to Ban Large Sugary Drinks in NYC


Dr Oz: Mayor Bloomberg Initiative To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

Do you think it is right for the government to tell you what is good for you? Dr. Oz sat down with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to talk about his controversial initiative to ban large sugary drinks in restaurants and movie theaters. Keep reading to find out what Dr. Oz has to say on the subject and why Mayor Bloomberg thinks his legislation is so important.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg said many people find him to be a controversial politician but he said it is his duty to improve the lives of the people he serves. He said the soda ban is similar to the ban on smoking in New York City bars and restaurants. People were not happy about the ban when it first went into effect, but since then they have come around to realize it was in their best interest. He said his new initiative to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in restaurants and movie theaters is to help the people he serves as mayor.


Dr Oz: Mayor Bloomberg Initiative to Ban Large Sugary Drinks in NYC

Dr. Oz discussed Mayor Bloomberg’s initiative to ban large sugary drinks in New York City, and Mayor Bloomberg said he is not promoting a Nanny State.

Dr Oz: Mayor Bloomberg Wants Soda Off List Of Food Stamp Approved Drinks

According to Dr. Oz, soda is the largest source of empty calories in our diets, which is one of the reasons Mayor Bloomberg fought to have it removed from the list of approved drinks you can buy with food stamps. He further explained food stamps serve to improve the lives of those struggling financially, so why should people be allowed to purchase drinks that have no nutritional value?

Although Mayor Bloomberg was passionate about getting soda off the list, the government did not agree and you can still buy soda using food stamps.


Dr Oz: How Many Gallons Of Soda Does the Average American Drink a Year?

How many gallons of soda does the average American drink each year? Would you be surprised if it was 44 gallons? That is a lot of empty calories and to show the effects of drinking so much soda, Dr. Oz and Mayor Bloomberg tossed on some purple gloves to see how it affects the body.

Dr. Oz explained that not only does soda lead to a great deal of belly fat, it also leads to a fatty heart. As Mayor Bloomberg held the fatty heart in his hands he told Dr. Oz he simply does not want this to happen to anyone ever again.

Dr Oz: Mayor Bloomberg Accused Of Promoting a Nanny State

Although there is ample evidence that supports the health benefits of Mayor Bloomberg’s initiative to ban large bottles of soda, he has been accused of promoting a Nanny State, a phrase meaning the government has become too overprotective. Dr. Oz said many people are saying their rights as Americans are being taken away, but Mayor Bloomberg said he is not trying to take away a person’s right to buy soda. He simply wants to limit the size of the drink at restaurants and movie theaters.

Dr Oz Applauds Mayor Bloomberg Putting Health Of the Nation In Spotlight

Mayor Bloomberg told Dr. Oz he is pleased with the legacy he has left behind as mayor as his term comes to an end this year. He said his initiative may not stop obesity in the country, but it is a step towards a healthier nation.

Dr. Oz told his audience he often gets asked about his views on the mayor and he shared them on the show today. He said he believes the state of the health of our country is so dire we need politicians like Mayor Bloomberg to put health initiatives in the spotlight. He said he applauds Mayor Bloomberg for all he has done to make the health of our country a priority.


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