Dr. Oz: Man Born Without Legs or Arms Overcomes Challenges In Life


Dr. Oz: Man Without Limbs Works As Farmer

Dr. Oz talked to a man who was born without arms and legs on his program. Remarkably, Chris is a farmer. He loves what he does and he thrives at it, despite his limitation. Chris gets around by hopping on one leg. Chris said it takes him “upwards of 400 percent more energy” than an average person to do everyday tasks. Chris operates his tractor by moving around 2x4s with grooves cut in them.

Dr. Oz: Inspiring Story of a Man Born Without Legs or Arms

Dr. Oz: Man Born Without Legs or Arms Overcomes Challenges In Life

Dr. Oz talked to a man born without legs or arms who works as a farmer. He gave some inspiring words to the rest of us. (Galyna Andrushko / Shutterstock.com)


Chris said that when he was born and his grandmother found out she had a healthy grandson born without arms or legs, she joked that Chris’s father did have a habit of never finishing anything he started. Chris’s parents sought to treat him like any other kid. Chris said his independence comes from that approach.

Chris said he handed out candy one year for Halloween and kids thought his costume was awesome. But it wasn’t a costume, because he was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. “This is me. Come back here on the first of November. I’ll be wearing the same thing,” Chris joked.

Chris said some people are ashamed of their weight or a big nose or freckles. He said that people who are afraid of how they look are cheating themselves out of opportunities.


Dr. Oz: Tackling Challenges In Life

Sitting down with Dr. Oz in the studio, Chris said that he copes with life by going out and doing stuff rather than be afraid. He said he knew he was different as a child, but the community he grew up in treating him fine.

Dr. Oz showed pictures of Chris as a child being held over the water at the beach by his father and playing pool by standing on the table. Chris said that he was fortunate because he wasn’t teased or bullied. He said that his family and him made more jokes about his condition than anyone else. “If you could come up with something better than we could, have at it,” he said.

Chris said there’s so much positivity out there. He said you can have a pity party if you want, but make sure it’s fleeting. “If a guy without arms and legs can enjoy life and do as much as I can and do and strive to do, anybody can. It’s pretty easy, actually,” he said.



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    Chris is a wonderful man and a true inspiration. Anytime I am feeling down or discouraged, mainly i typically say my “more challenging days” since there’s usually days that are good or better, i am going to think of him for inspiration. Thanks for sharing this awesometastic story. I truly believe in gratitude 365 #Gratitude365 everydayGratitude works best. Cheers in joy ‘n much LoVE, Christen 😉

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