Dr Oz: Make Time By Saying No + Don’t Talk Negatively About Others


Dr Oz: 5 Things Happy People Know That You Don’t

Dr Oz said that you can be happier in your life by making some simple changes. His show surveyed 3,000 women and found that they all share signs of happiness in common with one another.

What can you learn from happy people? These tips are easy to achieve, and they could totally change your outlook on life. Viewers and survey participants helped the show generate actions you can take to manage your happiness, feel better, and be more healthy.


Happiness can lower your risk of Heart Disease by 13% (and Stroke by 9%), boost your immunity, and possibly even help you to live seven years longer. What are these tips and how can we put them to use?

Dr Oz: Don’t Compare Yourself on Social Media

Dr Oz: Make Time By Saying No + Don't Talk Negatively About Others

Dr Oz shared five ways you can create more happiness in your life. Make time for yourself by saying no, and get more energy when you don’t talk negatively.

Shawna shared one tip from the survey. The lesson is that to be a happy person, don’t compare yourself on social media. It’s too easy to see how you measure up against friends from your past or present, making you question whether you have made the right decisions.


Dr Oz pointed out that people don’t always put their credit card debt or other hardships online, which can make it seem like their lives are better than yours. To give this a try, take one day a week off from social media, helping you to put those competitive emotions aside.

Dr Oz: Don’t Talk Negatively About Others

The second tip was shared by audience member Whitney, who explained that happy people don’t talk negatively about others. She said she used to have trouble because she always thought about her co-worker in a negative light and complained about her endlessly. Finally, she had a last venting session with a friend to get it all out, and now she has let the frustrations go.

Dr Oz shared an observation by Mark Twain that anger and frustration hurts you more than the person you are directing it toward. Negative thoughts can really torpedo your good mood, throwing your happiness hormones out of whack.

Try to counteract this by giving one compliment every day to boost your happiness hormones. (I’d say you also should not talk negatively about other people.)

Dr Oz: Give Gratitude Daily

Dr Oz said there is plenty of scientific data to back up the next measure of happiness, which is that you give gratitude every day. This can make you up to 25% more happy. Rebecca said that she was devastated with an out-of-control homebuying circumstance. But she was able to focus on what she was grateful for and turn her situation around.

You could try to email yourself one thing you are grateful for every day, and store them in a folder for a mood boost when you are feeling down.

Dr Oz: Make Time By Saying No

Alicia told Dr Oz that one of her sisters battled breast cancer, and she spent a lot of time driving back and forth helping to take care of her sister. To avoid getting burned out, she had to set some boundaries and let other people help as well, so she could make some time for herself and recharge.

Dr Oz said that “no” can be a powerful word. Twice a week, Dr Oz said that you should say no to a commitment or obligation so that you can do something for yourself, like go for a run or keep a journal. Whatever you like to spend time on, you should not feel bad about enjoying that for yourself.

Dr Oz: Say I’m Sorry

Michelle shared the final happiness tip, which is that you say I’m sorry. She told Dr Oz that she apologized to a friend with whom she had had a falling out. It made her feel much better to mend fences, and she got her energy back.

Dr Oz’s advice was to find someone you need to apologize to and communicate that message. It could be great for both of you!


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