Dr Oz: Magnolia Creek Treatment for 56-Pound Acute Anorexia Patient


Dr Oz: Extreme Acute Anorexia

You may have seen stories about Anorexia before, but there has never been one quite like this. Dr Oz met a 56-pound guest with Acute Anorexia. Can Magnolia Creek help her turn things around?

Pressure to be perfect or live up to a certain standard can develop into an illness for some people. Even eating disorder experts were shocked by Stacy’s story. She was voted most likely to succeed in high school, and photos from then were beautiful.


After gaining some weight, she joined a diet program and then she became obsessed with her weight. She lost her mother to cancer and struggled with grief, accelerating her eating disorder. At age 43, she weighs 56.2 pound and looks like a skeleton.

Dr Oz: 56-Pound Anorexic

Dr Oz: Magnolia Creek Treatment for 56-Pound Acute Anorexia Patient

Dr Oz met Stacy, a 43-year-old woman with Acute Anorexia who weighs just 56 pounds. Learn how eating disorders can completely disrupt your life.

Stacy said the longest she has gone without eating is 10-12 days! She keeps water, juice and condiments in her refrigerator. She has guilt about even drinking anything due to its caloric content.


Her body physically hurts when she moves, and she is afraid that she could pass out while driving. She is always cold and feels off balance. Stacy used to be married, but he could not watch her die anymore, and their breakup sent her to her lowest point.

Dr Oz: Anorexia + OCD

Stacy told Dr Oz that not eating is something that she does have control over, in an uncontrollable world. She said she also has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which she has channeled into her Anorexia.

She does not feel like she is living her life, and she did not want her life to turn out the way it has. “Something went wrong somewhere, and it became a nightmare,” she said. “Doctors tell me that it’s a miracle I’m still alive.”

Dr Oz: Anorexic Isolation

Stacy said she has isolated herself from her friends and family, and her father was told years ago to prepare for her death from her eating disorder. However, she is currently estranged from her family, and no one in her life came to Dr Oz’s show to support her.

Because of her physical appearance, she has not been allowed to see her niece or nephew in the past six years. Stacy said she does not feel like she can take care of herself anymore and she needs help.

Dr Oz: Anorexia Blood Pressure

Stacy stepped into the Truth Tube, where Dr Oz shared some staggering vital statistics with her. The audience listened to her heartbeat and she had a heart rate of 48. Dr Oz told her that she is starving her heart, which could kill her.

He used a pediatric cuff (for toddlers) to check her blood pressure, which was 90/50. She said that this is actually a higher reading than usual for her. But she told Dr Oz that she wants to live, but she needs help to turn things around.

Dr Oz: Magnolia Creek Anorexia

Doctor Oz introduced Jane Johnson from Magnolia Creek Treatment, which treats severe eating disorders, including Anorexia. Jane said that though Stacy’s case is extreme, she does have a shot at recovery if she is willing to change her thoughts and behaviors.

Jane promised to be her personal therapist and she goes through an individualized program to find healthy alternatives to meet her physical and emotional needs. This could be a lot of hard work, but Dr Oz hoped that this could be her chance to reclaim her life.

Stacy decided to accept the offer and immediately enter treatment following the show taping. Hopefully she gets the treatment she needs and we can celebrate her success on a future episode. Good luck, Stacy!


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