Dr Oz: Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease + 80/20 Eating Rule


Dr Oz: Heart Disease Awareness

Dr Oz kicked off his show sharing that everyone was in red for National Wear Red Day to raise awareness for heart disease, the number one killer of women. He wanted to start with a quiz that you can take for yourself.

  1. Do you get less than 20 minutes of exercise per day?
  2. Do you drink more than one serving of alcohol per day?
  3. Do you watch more than an hour of TV per day?
  4. Are you considered overweight?
  5. Does your diet contain a lot of red meat, processed foods, or refined sugars?

Dr Oz: Lower Your Heart Disease Risk

Dr Oz: Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease + 80/20 Eating Rule

Dr Oz explained how you can use the 80-20 Rule to keep your heart healthy. (NikolayPetrovich / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz then shared that a study was done that was the first of its kind. It studied 70,000 women over 20 years, revealing how the habits you develop in your 20s and 30s directly affect the health of your heart and your risk for a heart attack. For the first time, we now know you can stop heart disease earlier than ever before. The study found that women who followed specific heart healthy habits had a 92% lower risk for heart disease.

Dr Oz: Find 20 Minutes To Exercise

Dr Oz said it’s all about small steps, starting with exercise. The first heart healthy habit you can follow is to sneak in short power workouts every day. Dr Oz then turned to his viewers to explain how they incorporate 20 minute workouts into their daily routines. One mother of five parks in the very last spot at the supermarket to get in a little cardio, and then does a little weight training with her grocery bags.

A new mom doubles up her workout with playtime, doing sit-ups while holding her baby. Dr Oz then showed a video of a man who found a way to make his workout fun by dancing while on the treadmill. It was incredibly impressive that he didn’t manage to fall! Dr Oz said just 20 minutes is all you need.


Dr Oz: Ration Your Wine

Dr Oz then addressed the issue of drinking more than one serving of alcohol per day. He said to turn one glass of wine into four, which he borrowed from his Total 10 Plan. He split one glass of wine into four wine glasses and then added club soda to each one, which cuts calories dramatically as well.

Dr Oz: Stand Up During Commercial Breaks

For those who watch more than an hour of TV per day, Dr Oz suggested standing up during commercial breaks. He said the risk factor has a lot to do with being sedentary, which changes hormones. He said to hide your remote control or give yourself other excuses to get up off the couch.

Dr Oz: 80/20 Eating Rule + Quit Smoking

Dr Oz then talked about the mistakes people make when it comes to the foods they’re eating. The study says that one big culprit for heart health is actually red meat. Dr Oz said it’s not the protein, but it’s the fat he’s worried about. He explained that if you have too much fat in your diet, it leads to plaque in your arteries.

If you eat the right food, you avoid plaque and the artery itself will dilate and get bigger, which is good news for your blood pressure. Dr Oz said if you want to avoid the build-up of plaque, you should follow the 80/20 rule. He wants 80% of your plate to be filled with fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and 20% of the plate to be full of lean protein, like chicken, turkey, or fish.

Finally, you should quit smoking, and Dr Oz showed a PSA encouraging people to quit smoking, showing that the habit controls the user. Dr Oz said you control your health, so you control your destiny.


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