Dr Oz: Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Fake or Talks to the Dead?


Dr Oz: Long Island Medium

One of life’s greatest mysteries is what happens when we die. It’s an enduring question, because those who know aren’t usually available to fill the rest of us in. But psychics have seen enduring success due to their self-proclaimed ability to communicate with those on the other side. One of those is Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo, who visited Dr Oz today.

Dr Oz Long Island Medium

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo talked to Dr Oz about her abilities & her skeptics.


Theresa Caputo is a housewife, but she’s better known among reality TV viewers as the Long Island Medium, a TLC network reality star who communicates with those who have passed on. She visited Dr Oz to talk about her unique ability and confront those who are skeptical about what she does.

Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Medium

Theresa is a wife and mother of two children; judging by outward appearances, she leads a normal life. Nothing would make you suspect that she has been talking to spirits since she was a toddler.

Around age 4, she first noticed dead people visiting her in bed at night. It would be years before she realized this was an abnormal phenomenon. As a teen, she discussed her encounters with others, and developed anxiety upon the realization that she was the only one of her peers having these experiences.


Eventually, she connected with a spiritual healer, who helped her understand how to channel the energy of her gift. Now she feels it’s her mission in life to help the dead comfort the living by sharing messages from the other side. Some people find that this type of closure can be helpful during the grieving process.

Dr Oz: Teresa Caputo

Dr Oz was appreciative that Theresa made time to chat with him, since her reputation and popularity mean her schedule is usually packed, with people waiting years to connect with her. Theresa Caputo said she never expected this would become her life’s work, but she loves helping people understand their strong spiritual connections with loved ones, which she said transcend the tangible, physical elements of our world.

Theresa believes that the spirits of the dead are greeted by loved ones during the journey between this world and the next. Souls of the departed can also visit the loved ones they’ve left behind, and they often engage Theresa to impart the message that they have found peace.

Is Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Fake?

Just as psychics have endured through the years, so have skeptics, who say there’s no way people like Theresa Caputo are legitimate. One theory popular among skeptics is that psychics use intense listening skills during what’s called a cold reading.

As someone shares a personal story, the psychic can be picking up on clues that they can use to appear knowledgeable or connected to the spirit world. Emotionally vulnerable people, such as grieving families, may be easy targets because they desperately want to connect with loved ones they have lost.

Theresa said that she does most of the talking with her clients, so she feels this theory is not applicable to her. She said that skeptics are entitled to their opinion, but she encourages everyone to be open minded about the world around them.

She also confessed that the spirits and energy she is connected with sometimes gives her a headache from the information overload. I believe that; I have enough thoughts jumbled around in my head on a typical day without contributions from the souls of strangers.

Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Psychic Readings

Theresa shared her ability with the audience, searching for someone in the audience who didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to their daughter. A woman in the audience raised her hand, and Theresa communicated that the mother wanted to thank her daughter for taking care of her over the years. The message continued, urging the daughter not to be burdened by negative feelings, because the mother is safe now.

The Long Island Medium also communicated a message from someone whose son was killed in a tragedy. She connected with a woman in the audience whose son was killed in Iraq. Theresa communicated details about the woman’s tattoo and jewelry, passing on the message that the son’s spirit is always watching over the family. It turned out that the son’s father was near death as well, and the son’s spirit promised to be there waiting to greet him.

Finally Theresa zoned in on a woman with an M name, whose sister had passed away. Details such as a venue called The Sugar Club and a personalized bracelet resonated with someone in the audience, and Theresa said she believed that the sister was killed when something fell on her. The audience member admitted that her sister had been killed during the 9/11 attacks.

As the segment concluded, Theresa Caputo struggled with several spirits she said were vying to connect with audience members. Do you believe in psychics or communication from the afterlife? With so much evidence on both sides of the argument, how do you make up your mind?



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      Try checking an event ticket sales website or box office to find out if there are any upcoming shows in your area. You can also attempt to connect with her through her website at theresacaputo.com.

  1. Mary T says

    I atttended one of her shows & the Meet & Greet was supposed to be included in the price of the ticket. The time was changed for it but I was never notified. Her show was not worth the almost $400 I paid for the ticket.

  2. Sheri says

    Maybe she is a fake, maybe she isn’t but if people are going to get mad because they were scammed. Well they made the choice to buy the ticket. kinda like the person who sued McD’s because he is fat from their food. He made the choice to buy the food, to eat the food, it’s not McD’s fault the he is fat from it.

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