Dr Oz: Lemon Balm Tea Cold Sore Cure & Anti-Sweat Foot Powder


Dr Oz: Health Confessions Revealed

Are your bad health habits causing you medical problems? If so, how can you prevent these issues from landing you at the doctor’s office? Dr Oz revealed some answers to common health confessions and how you can navigate them with confidence.

Plus, he Debunked Health Myths and talked about Men Vs Women’s Weight Loss. Later, he shared Junk Food Recipe Swaps and Body Hair Remedies.


Dr Oz: Multivitamin Dosage Dangers

Are you taking too many vitamins? Is that even possible? Darlene was in the audience, and she said she sometimes takes two or three doses of multivitamins to make up for missed doses. She didn’t ask her doctor about this, since it’s an over the counter vitamin.

Dr Oz said that if products are strong enough to have health benefits, they can also cause problems when they’re misused. He explained that daily vitamin doses give your body nutrients. But skipping days and overdosing to make up could actually cause toxic reactions. So if you miss a day, just go back to the regular dosage the next day.

Dr Oz: Contact Lens Protein Removal

Janice, like many of us, tries to get the most out of her disposable contact lenses. She wears them for more than a month at a time, beyond their recommended lifespan.


Dr Oz said that wearing contacts over a long period of time lets germs and proteins build up on the lenses. They could damage your corneas, letting bacteria cause an eye infection. That could end in scar tissue or blindness if untreated.

The best solution to this is using a protein remover to clean your lenses. Add a drop to your contact lens case and let the lenses sit for at least 6 hours, or overnight.

Dr Oz: Bedtime Beer Review

Dr Oz: Duct Tape Warts

Did you know Duct Tape could be the remedy for a common body problem? Find out how it works.

Having trouble getting to sleep? So is Cindy, who sometimes swipes her husband’s sleeping pills to doze off. You run the risk of overdosing when you take someone else’s medication, since it’s prescribed for their body type and weight. Instead of illegally using someone else’s medication, Dr Oz suggested creating a Bedtime Beer.

Here’s Dr Oz’s Bedtime Beer. Add Hops Extract to Club Soda, and throw in fresh Orange for flavor. Oranges are sweet and can lower the stress hormone Cortisol. Try this recipe about 90 minutes before bed.

Dr Oz: Duct Tape Wart Remedy

Did you know you can actually cure warts using duct tape? You really can use it for everything. Just cut a square the size of your wart and slap it on. This will suffocate the wart. Remove the tape after one week, and sand down the remnants with an Emery board. The process may take more than one round, so repeat it if you need to.

Dr Oz: Lemon Balm Tea Remedy for Cold Sores

If your cold sore is making you sick or ruining your photos, try clearing it up with Lemon Balm Tea. Boil one cup of the tea. Then let it cool. Periodically use a cotton ball to apply tea directly on the sore. This should help the sore heal faster.

Doctor Oz: Anti-Odor & Sweat Foot Powder

Do you have excessive sweating or foot odor? You can create your own home remedy foot powder to correct this. Just mix equal parts baking soda and fresh cornstarch. Then sprinkle it in your shoes or socks to help dry moisture and clear up odor problems.

For more health advice, see what Dr Oz had to say about Belly Button Lint. Plus, he has Snack Recipes, Diet Advice, and Health Myths Debunked.


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