Dr Oz: Lemon Balm Lip Balm Review & Sitting-Rising Test Reduces Stress


Dr Oz: 50 Most Eligible Doctors

Dr. Oz had a real treat for the women in the audience February 14 2013. He invited 50 of the most eligible doctors in America to reveal their best health secrets. All these doctors have the looks, the brains and the health tips to brighten up your Valentine’s Day.

Dr Oz: Sitting-Rising Test Reduces Stress

The first bit of advice from the doctors centered on the area of stress. Dr. Daren Newfield told Dr. Oz he is an eligible bachelor but he already has two loves in his life and both of them walk on four legs. One he saved from being euthanized by fixing the animal’s broken leg and the other was a rescue dog from Hurricane Katrina.


Besides being handsome, smart and a dog lover, Dr. Newfield had some advice about relieving stress in the form of a simple new test called the S.R.T, or Sitting-Rising Test. It is a test used to determine your longevity and is done just like the name implies, but with a bit of a challenge.

Dr Oz: Lemon Balm Lip Balm Review & Sitting-Rising Test Reduces Stress

Dr. Oz talked with 50 of the most eligible doctors about how lemon balm lip balm, the sitting-rising test and grapefruit juices reduces stress quickly.

To perform the test, you need to sit down on the floor and try to stand up without using your hands or knees. Although it may sound simple, it is actually a bit difficult. Dr. Newfield explained the exercise is all about core strength, which is important to your overall health. Could you get all the way up without ever putting your hands down to help you? Let us know in the comments below.


Dr Oz: Shot Of Tequila Every Morning Reduces Stress?

Dr. Adrian Martinez is another one of the eligible doctors on the show and he has a strange way of finding out if he likes a woman. The bilingual Dr. Martinez told Dr. Oz he speaks to women in Spanish before speaking in English in order to see if his mother will like them.

Although he liked Dr. Newfield’s S.R.T. technique, he had another stress reliever his grandfather used every morning. Dr. Martinez said his grandfather would take a shot of tequila every day, not taking it all at once but sipping it throughout the day. The shots must work pretty well because his grandfather is 91-years-old, runs his own business and works six days a week.

Dr. Martinez said a shot of tequila is not necessarily the advice he recommends to patients in the hospital, instead suggesting they drink a shot of grapefruit juice with agave, the same stuff tequila is made from.

Dr Oz: Lemon Balm Lip Balm Stress Relief

Dr. Doug Schottenstein is a neurologist in New York City and he had another stress reducing tip for everyone. He told Dr. Oz he prefers natural herbal remedies when it comes to stress, especially because they pose a much smaller risk for addiction. He recommended lemon balm lip balm to reduce stress because it has similar effects to valium.

Dr Oz: Belly Breathing While Singing Reduces Stress

Dr. Calvin Peters was the next eligible doctor with some stress relieving tips. He told Dr. Oz he likes to sing to his patients because they enjoy his singing and it helps to relax them and reduce their stress. Dr. Peters explained how focusing on your breathing, especially belly breathing, while singing will gradually help to reduce your stress.


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