Dr Oz Lazy Girls Health Tests, Kukicha Tea & Cupuacu Supplement Review


Dr Oz: Health Tests for Lazy Girls

Dr Oz’s Lazy Girls Guide to Getting Healthy already featured Cocoawell Chocolate & Sleep Remedies. Just because someone is prone to being lazy doesn’t mean they can’t still be healthy. Dr Oz shared some important and easy tests you can do to assess your health for conditions like Celiac Disease, Acid Reflux, Allergies, and even Kidney Disease. Dr Oz also highlighted Kukicha Tea and the Cupuacu Supplement.

Dr Oz: Acid Reflux Self Tongue Test

Dr Oz Lazy Health Tests & Kukicha Tea

Dr Oz shared Lazy Girls health tests you can do in the bathroom mirror for Acid Reflux and Allergies. He also shared the benefits of Kukicha Tea.


You can test yourself for Acid Reflux the next time you’re in front of a mirror. Just open wide and glance at your tongue. You’re looking for an orange, white or yellow coating that indicates Acid Reflux.

It may start out as a thin yellow stripe, but it can coat your tongue while you sleep. Dr Oz said that many people don’t realize they have this issue. Another symptom you might miss is waking up with a swollen or hoarse throat.

Dr Oz: Kidney Disease Fingernail Test

Next time you’re cleaning your fingernails, Dr Oz said you can check for signs of Kidney Disease. Look at your bare fingernails for multiple horizontal lines. (If there’s just one line, you don’t necessarily need to be concerned.) Lines on multiple nails could suggest low Protein levels. Maybe you have noticed you’re fatigued for no real reason. That’s another symptom, and your doctor can check with a urine test to determine your Protein levels.


Dr Oz: Eyelid Allergy Test

Pull down your Eyelid and look in the mirror for bumps that appear like cobblestones. They could indicate allergies, which are often caused by mold, dust mites, and pet dander. Do you have congestion when you wake up in the morning? That could be another allergy warning sign.

Dr Oz: Celiac Disease Rash – Knees & Elbows

Look at your knees and elbows and see if there is an itchy red rash. About 10-15% of Celiac Disease sufferers will have this type of rash.

Kukicha Tea Review: Energy Booster Tea

Dr Oz invited his daughter, Daphne Oz, a co-host from The Chew, to share a few bonus health tips. She suggested stretching your meals by adding whole grains.

Another way you can get more with less is by boosting your energy. Try Kukicha Tea, a low caffeine option you can have anytime.

Cupuacu Supplement Review

The show also highlighted Cupuacu Supplements, which are native to the Amazon. They’re full of antioxidants and Vitamin B, and they’re perfect for smoothies.

The last suggestion was searching for organic coffee. Look at the label to find products that are certified organic by the USDA.


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