Dr Oz: L-Carnitine Causes Heart Damage & L-Carnitine Supplement Risks


Dr Oz: Calcium Overdose Causes Heart Attack

Did you know too much calcium in your diet could raise your risk for cardiac arrest? Dr. Oz looked at a new study saying calcium overdoses could lead to heart attacks. He went over his guidelines for getting calcium from food and his suggestions when it comes to taking calcium supplements.

L-Carnitine Causes Heart Damage Not Red Meat

Dr. Oz said he, along with other medical professionals, have always believed the fat and cholesterol in red meat causes heart damage but a new research study has shown the real culprit to be L-carnitine.


Dr Oz: L-Carnitine Causes Heart Damage & L-Carnitine Supplement Risks

Dr. Oz found a study suggesting the real enemy to our hearts is not red meat all together but rather L-carnitine.

Ashley Koff, a dietitian, said L-carnitine has a different effect on each person depending on the amount of bacteria inside the person’s body. There is a way to turn around the negatives of getting too much L-carnitine. Koff said you simply need to cut red meat out of your diet for a few weeks which then starves the bacteria the L-carnitine needs to survive.

Reduce, Replace and Refine Red Meat Intake

Dr. Michael Greger suggested his 3-R model for gauging how much red meat you should eat.

  • Reduce meat consumption by taking one day a week to eat no meat at all.
  • Replace your favorite red meat with healthier choices like beans.
  • Refine intake by choosing healthier alternatives or looking at the meat not as the mean course but as side dish.

Dangers L-Carnitine Supplements

While Dr. Oz just revealed L-carnitine is found in red meat, it is also found in other foods as well. He said it is found in many of the energy drinks being sold today. Dr. Greger said this is a concern because some of those drinks contain as much L-carnitine as an eight ounce steak.

Dr. Greger said it is also wise to stay away from L-carnitine supplements because they are very risky to your health. While Dr. Oz has recommended the supplement in the past, he echoed Dr. Greger’s statement saying he would not recommend the supplement anymore.


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