Dr Oz: Kym Whitley Bad Habits + Turkey Lettuce Wrap Snack


Dr Oz: Kym Whitley ‘Raising Whitley’

Dr Oz shared the fastest ways to break your bad health habits, and to help in the discussion, he brought along comedian Kym Whitley. Her career was on the rise when her personal life took a dramatic turn. She got a call saying that she had one hour to make a life-changing decision: whether or not to become an adoptive mother. Now, her son Joshua is almost 4 years old and she calls him the greatest gift that she didn’t ask for. She chronicles her experience raising her son in the TV series Raising Whitley.

Dr Oz: Kym Whitley Bad Habits + Turkey Lettuce Wrap Snack

Dr Oz sat down with Kym Whitley to talk about her adoptive son and the bad habits she wants to get rid of. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


One of the biggest challenges she faces is eating healthy, and Dr Oz wanted to help her overcome her bad eating habits. He welcomed Kym to the show. She said she needed Dr Oz’s help with everything from her weave to her stomach to her feet.

Dr Oz: Kym Whitley Adopted Son

Kym started by explaining that she was living life as a party girl when she was giving back to the community and mentoring young ladies. One of those women got pregnant and gave birth, then took the baby to the hospital and left Kym’s name as a contact. She was sitting at home when the hospital called and said that her baby was ready. As a comedian, she joked ,”Do fries come with that baby?” They called back and said it wasn’t a joke, and she had an hour or the baby was going to go in the system.

Her parents were with her at the time and basically asked her that because of her age, if she didn’t take that baby then, when would she ever have a baby? She wasn’t sure how she would do it by herself, but she called the hospital and said yes. She said the best part about it all is that no matter how bad her day is going, when she comes home and sees her son’s face, it makes everything bad go away. As a single mom, she created a village of friends to help her, so she has a wonderful life.


Dr Oz: Healthy Turkey Lettuce Wrap Snack

Dr Oz said he wanted Kym to get healthy for Joshua. He started by looking at Kym’s favorite snack, which is a bologna taco. She takes a piece of bologna, adds some mayonaise, and pours on some corn cereal before diving right in. She made one for Dr Oz, and the audience cheered for him to take a bite. The look on his face was pretty obvious that he didn’t like it. Dr Oz said the bologna is made with nitrates, which lead to cancers.

Dr Oz said the Total 10 plan has solutions for Kym, including homemade lettuce turkey wraps. He said you start with nitrate-free turkey, and put it inside a leaf of lettuce. Then, instead of mayo, use Greek yogurt with a little mustard added in. Then add some almonds for a crunch. It’s a much healthier version of Kym’s bologna wrap and it follows the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan!

Dr Oz: Better Sleep & Daily Flossing

Next, Dr Oz explained that bright lights mess with your sleep which can screw with your body temperature and your hormones. Dr Oz said one hour before she goes to bed, she should turn her TV off.

Lastly, Dr Oz said he was told Kym isn’t a big flosser. She said she thought you were only supposed to floss before you go to the dentist. She said one time a whole chicken came out when she was flossing before the dentist! Dr Oz said bleeding while flossing could mean you have gingivitis. Dr Oz said you should floss once a day before you brush. An easy way to floss to use dental floss picks to gently floss between your teeth.


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