Dr. Oz: Kim Zolciak Eating Placenta & Getting Fit After A Pregnancy


Dr. Oz: Kim Zolciak Eating Placenta

Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak came by Dr. Oz to talk about why she ate her own placenta. They rolled a clip where she and her very grossed out husband turned the placenta into smoothies and then drank them together. The husband looked like he wasn’t having fun with it at all. I have to say, this segment was really disgusting. I understand that some people want to eat their placenta and I think that’s cool. But I would rather not know about it or think about it ever again.

Dr. Oz: Does Eating The Placenta Prevent Postpartum Depression?

Dr. Oz: Kim Zolciak Eating Placenta & Getting Fit After A Pregnancy

Reality star Kim Zolciak came by Dr. Oz to talk about eating placenta and how she got into shape following her pregnancy. Plus, is eating placenta healthy? (MartinaP / Shutterstock.com)


Kim Zolciak said that she just had twins and her doctor was worried about her hormone levels following the twins and he was worried about postpartum depression for her. She learned that eating the placenta can help with post-partum depression. She added that she made her husband eat it because she had just pushed two babies out for him and she wanted his support.

Kim said that she didn’t have any postpartum depression and she had a really good recovery from the pregnancy. She also said she had a lot of breast milk, which might have been her body compensating for the twins.

Dr. Oz: Is Eating Placenta Healthy?

Dr. Oz said that most mammals eat their placenta, for a lot of different reasons. But there’s actually data that shows that animals that eat their placentas have less pain post-pregnancy. Kim Zolciak said she did deliver the babies vaginally and that was rough, but her recovery was really smooth. She said she really did feel a lot different after the pregnancy, with good blood pressure and high energy levels. She’d already had several kids, so she had a good sense of what she should feel like post-pregnancy.


Kim said that you just have to get past the mental part to eat it. She said she put it into her fruit smoothie, so it didn’t taste bad, but the aftertaste was metallic. Even Dr. Oz made a face at that.

Kim added that she made her husband get a vasectomy because she’d had 4 kids in two and a half years. She said he had to take one for the team since she’d had the babies.

Dr. Oz: Getting Into Shape Post-Pregnancy

Dr. Oz asked Kim how she came back from pregnancy the way she has. She has six kids total and she looks good. Kim said that she doesn’t like going to the gym, but she does walk every night. She walks three miles with her family and catches up with them. Kim also said she doesn’t eat red meat and she stays away from cheese and butter.


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