Dr Oz: Kid & Pet Safe Ways To Get Rid Of Bugs Without Chemicals


Dr Oz: Safe Way To Get Rid of Bugs

Dr Oz dedicated the entire episode of his show to a healthy home investigation and after discussing the ins and outs of mold inspections, he moved on to talk about bugs. According to research, the average home has about 100 different bugs living in it at all times! Even more shocking than that, chemicals in many common bug killers can be toxic to you, your children, and your pets. There have been tragic headlines about families getting gravely ill because of the poisons they’re using in hopes of ridding their homes of bugs.

Dr Oz: Food Grade Less Toxic Way To Get Rid Of Bugs

He asked healthy home experts Ron and Lisa Beres for help on how to get rid of bugs without poison. First was a safe way to eliminate pests with an exoskeleton like cockroaches, silverfish, and bed bugs. It can even work for flea and ant infestations. It’s called diatomaceous earth and it’s actually food grade which means it’s safe for pets and kids to be around. It works structurally on their body. If you see a pest, sprinkle a little on the surface where you saw them and it will dry them out when they walk over it.



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