Dr Oz: Keep Vs Toss To Waste Less Food + Fresh Egg Test


Dr Oz: Wasting Less Food

Dr Oz revealed that earlier in the show he had lunch delivered for a group of friends in his audience. They enjoyed a fresh salad and couldn’t figure out what the ingredients were because it tasted really good. They described it as fresh, unique, and crunchy. Dr Oz then revealed that they were actually eating food waste. They were a bit turned off by that, but Dr Oz explained that the salad was actually fresh, it just would have been thrown away.


As for what was in the salad that the women enjoyed, there was carrot peels, broccoli stalks, carrot stems, cabbage cores, and romaine hearts. It’s exactly all the ingredients that you would normally peel, chop, or pull off, only to throw in the trash. The point is that food scraps can be eaten, in order to stop wasting so much food.

Dr Oz: Keep Vs Toss To Waste Less Food + Fresh Egg Test

Dr Oz shared great tips for getting the most out of your fresh food so you don’t waste as much. (constructiondeal_marketing / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Would You Buy Bruised Fruit?

Dr Oz brought in author of “What the Fork Are You Eating?” and nutritionist Stefanie Sacks. Dr Oz put a poll up on his website asking how many people would purchase a bruised piece of fruit from the grocery and 69% said no. Together, they then looked at some foods that would normally get tossed into the trash.

Dr Oz: Keep Or Toss, Food Edition

Stefanie said if your cheese is a little bit crusty, cut the ends off and use what’s in the middle. There’s no need to toss out the entire piece! On a grilled cheese, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. If you have bananas that have started to turn too brown, peel them, break them into pieces, and then put them in your freezer for smoothies or banana bread. For apples that are a little bruised or dented, cut off the bruised part and go for it!

If you have a container of strawberries and notice that a couple of them have mold on them, rather than throwing the whole thing away, check the rest and keep them. You can wash them off and stick them in a freezer bag in the freezer to keep for smoothies. If you have slight slime that can be washed off your carrots, put them in soup. If your greens are wilted, slice off the ends or put them in an ice-cold bath to liven them up again.

You can sign a petition on change.org/whatthefork to ask groceries to “buy uglies” and sell them at a discount to waste less.

Dr Oz: Fresh Egg Test

To determine if your eggs are good enough to keep eating them, grab a bowl full of water. Drop an egg into the water to see if it sinks or swims. If the egg sinks to the bottom, it’s a good sign because it means that it’s still fresh. If it starts to stand up a little bit, it’s still good. If it floats to the top, it’s no longer fresh and you should throw it away.


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