Dr Oz: John Quinones, What Would You Do? + Baby In A Hot Car


Dr Oz: What Would You Do?

Dr Oz was curious about how his viewers tend to deal with uncomfortable situations that could affect their family’s health, so who better to join him than the host of What Would You Do?, John Quinones. John said the situations he deals with on his show force people to make a decision to either step in or step away, allowing viewers to think about what they would do.

Dr Oz: John Quinones, What Would You Do? + Baby In A Hot Car

From ‘What Would You Do?’, John Quinones joined Dr Oz to look at two different difficult situations that call for people to either step up and help or walk away. (littledebbie11 / flickr)


The first situation Dr Oz and John wanted to look at involved a mother leaving her baby alone in a hot car. John’s crew posted up outside a restaurant in South Orange, New Jersey. A woman named Diana acted as a mom who wanted to run a quick errand, and decided to leave her child in the backseat. What passersby didn’t know was that the baby was just a doll and the crying sound that could be heard coming from inside the car was a recording.

Dr Oz: Leaving Baby In A Hot Car

Several people walked by, including a pregnant woman, and noticed the crying baby inside the car, but kept on walking without doing anything. Finally, when Diana came back to the car, a group of women confronted her about leaving her baby in the car by itself. The women explained that they were social workers, and because it was against the law, they would call it in. Finally, after one woman was close to breaking down in tears, John revealed himself to show it was all a setup.

The visibly upset woman from the scary scenario joined the show and John said what was most shocking was how many people just kept on walking. The woman’s name was Jackie and she shared that she didn’t think she had ever been as angry at anyone as she was at the mom in the situation.


Dr Oz: Should You Get Involved In A Sticky Situation?

Dr Oz was curious about the difference between people who continue walking by and those who choose to get involved. John said if you were raised in a home that was compassionate, experts say you’re much more likely to care for someone. Another kind of person that will typically step up is someone who suffered through the same type of situation.

Dr Oz: Fighting Back Against Food Shaming & Bullying

Next, Dr Oz wanted to take a closer look at a scenario involving food shaming. He explained that in this situation, a mother was food shopping when she was harassed by a total stranger for her unhealthy food choices. A stranger, completed unrelated to the situation, stepped in and asked the bully why she felt the need to say anything when it was clearly none of her business. At one point she even told her to “keep her mouth shut.” The woman completely came to the defense of the other woman and told her she needed to apologize.

The two women joined the show and Dr Oz wondered what it was that made the woman step in. She explained that when she saw what was happening, she thought of it as bullying and was especially concerned over the fact that a young girl was watching her own mother get bullied. She said she didn’t even really think about what she was saying, she simply did what she felt was important.

Dr Oz: Standing Up Against Bullying

John said his show lives because of everyday heroes. He said people step in because their heart tells them it’s the right thing to do. The woman who played the mom in the scenario, said she has body confidence and grew up being overweight, but it was very difficult to play a mom in that scene knowing there are people out there who can’t stick up for themselves.

John said women, more often than men, step in. He said men think about it too much, whereas maybe it’s the maternal instinct that help women just go for it to help people.

John Quinones is the author of What Would You Do?


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