Dr Oz: Jo Frost Sanity Stealers & How to Control Your Temper with Kids


Dr Oz: Supernanny Jo Frost

The world was introduced to Jo Frost whens he first appeared on the show Supernanny, where she helped parents get control of their unruly kids and taught those parents how to better raise their children. Frost is back with another nanny show, S.O.S. with Jo Frost, where she is going above and beyond to help families get past some of the most difficult times together, from disobedient teenagers to marriages that are falling apart.

Jo Frost – 25 Years of Experience Taught Her Good Nanny Skills

Frost told Dr. Oz she is so good at her job because she has had 25 years of “hardcore experience” being a nanny. She also said her intuition helps a lot. Frost believes she is very good at going into a home and reading the people and the environment to learn what changes need to be made to make it a healthier place for everyone to live.


Biggest Health Concern in America Starts at Home

Frost said the biggest health concern in America right now is the behaviour being exhibited at home. She said there are families that feel like they are hostages because they do not know how to deal with certain situations. Frost said she tries to identify the biggest tasks most Americans struggle with on a daily basis and then teach them how to deal with them at home.

Dr Oz: Jo Frost Sanity Stealers & How to Control Your Temper with Kids

Dr. Oz invited Jo Frost on the show to talk about what it take to be a nanny and she went over the three biggest sanity stealers at home.

Jo Frost Top Sanity Stealers

Jo Frost said there are three major “sanity stealers” she sees as health problems in America.

  • Everyone Needs a Bedtime – Frost said everyone is tired all the time. We need to get more sleep and everyone in the home, from the infant to the parents, should have bedtimes. She said to enforce this rule your need to be realistic with getting into a routine and be firm when you have to tell the kids they must go to bed. 
  • No Bickering at the Dinner Table – Frost said fighting at the dinner table is a big problem. She believes sitting down as a family is good but you must talk with each, be calm with each and connect emotionally with your family.
  • No Technology at Dinner Table or at Bedtime – Frost said we need to connect with our families more and get off the internet. If we do not regulate how much we are using technology, we could become addicted.

How to Keep Your Temper in Check with Toddlers

Frost answered some audience questions and the first one was from Michelle who said she has a hard time keeping her temper in check because her two toddlers know exactly what buttons to push. How can she stop yelling at her kids?

Frost said the first thing to do is change the “buttons” that make you mad. She also told Michelle she needs to teach her children where arts and crafts are done, since her biggest was her children drawing on the walls.

Hygiene in Children is Important and Learned Early

Sharon said she can not get her daughter to wash her hands and she wants to know how she can teach her the importance of washing hands.

Frost said all toddlers want to be defiant of their parents which is why you need to teach them the importance by talking with them, practicing hand washing with them and let her know you expect the hands to be washed all the time.


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