Dr Oz + Jo Frost: Children Controlling Parents + Communication At Home


Dr Oz: I Can’t Get My Family To Listen To Me

Sometimes we feel like no one is listening to us. Dr Oz wanted to share some advice about how to make yourself heard in a productive way, and Jo Frost, author of Toddler Rules, returned to share some of her latest advice. Are children controlling parents in your home?

You might remember Frost as a super nanny, and she is an expert on family dynamics. She said that there are so many distractions competing for our attention in modern society, meaning we are overwhelmed and overstimulated.


Dr Oz: Children Controlling Parents

Dr Oz + Jo Frost: Children Controlling Parents + Communication At Home

Jo Frost, a childcare expert, said that children controlling parents is a common phenomenon, and it’s not uncommon for moms to feel overwhelmed and ignored.

Frost said the first step to regaining control is to identify the problem. Then you are able to think about solutions that would address the specific solution. Dr Oz said that stress can actually take a physical toll, and he introduced Hanadai, a mother of two who can’t get her family to listen to her.

She felt that her kids, ages two and six, had all the power in their household. Naptime is a sore spot for the household routine, and even Hanadi’s husband doesn’t listen to her at times. She took a seat between Dr Oz and Jo Frost to get some advice and perspective.


Handai said that her stress can have physical symptoms, including stress and twitching. She feels sad and anxious about what is going on in her home.

Dr Oz: Communication At Home

Jo Frost told Dr Oz that moms want to create a good home for their families. Fear of making mistakes can make you too hard on yourself. Communication is key, she advised this mother. Eye contact can be important, for example, in making you feel heard and validated.

Hanadi admitted that she indulges in food to manage her feelings, which has led to unwanted weight gain. Jo Frost spent eight years confronting these stress in parents and children on television. She said it has taken a physical toll on her as well.


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