Dr Oz: Jeans Highlighter Test & Flat Shoes Arthritis Risk


Dr Oz: Closet Health Hazards

What’s in your closet? Could it be causing health problems for your family, or is it just a cluttered jumble of clothes? Dr Oz invited an audience volunteer to learn about how you can keep your home closets healthy and clean to avoid health complications. Get Dr Oz’s Jeans Highlighter Test and find out your Flat Shoes Arthritis Risk.

Dr Oz: Scarf Germs

Dr Oz Jeans Highlighter Test

Are your jeans too skinny? Take Dr Oz's Jeans Highlighter Test to find out. Plus, what germs are hiding on your scarf?


Belts, hats, scarves, and other accessories are often stored in closets. But Dr Oz took a closer look at one Scarf using a special light to detect bodily fluids and bacteria. The scarf Dr Oz looked at was so stained, he wondered if it had ever fallen in the toilet.

The woman said it probably fell on the ground at some point. Dr Oz said this can often happen with items such as scarves, and we need to keep in mind that they get as dirty (or even dirtier) as other types of clothing. Be sure you’re laundering your scarves, hats, gloves, and other items after three or four uses.

Dr Oz: Jeans Health Risks

How often do you wash your jeans? Dr Oz noted that many of us wear jeans multiple times between washings. They’re comfortable, and for whatever reason we tend to wash them a bit less than some other clothing items.


Dr Oz was less concerned about cleanliness and more preoccupied with the fit of our jeans. Skinny Jeans, he said, apply extra pressure to nerves in the legs, which may lead to a tingling sensation in the legs. This is a bad sign that your jeans are too tight and could pose a health risk.

Dr Oz: Jeans Highlighter Test

What can you do about this? Dr Oz proposed a simple test. Take a highlighter and attempt to stick it in the waistband of your jeans. If you can’t make it fit, that means your jeans are too tight and you need to either go up a size or choose an alternate style.

Dr Oz: Flat Shoes Arthritis Risk

Have you noticed the popular trend of flat shoes? These days, women are wearing Ballet Flats out and about. But Dr Oz warned that these types of flat shoes can actually increase your risk of developing Arthritis in the feet.

That’s because there’s very little cushioning and support in these types of shoes. Ballet Flats can also exert extra pressure on areas of your body such as the back, hips, and knees. That’s what will eventually cause Arthritis.

Dr Oz recommended shopping for shoe inserts to avoid this problem. Now that you know the health hazards of your closet, does that mean it’s time to go shopping?


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