Dr Oz: IUD Demonstration & Should You Stop Taking Birth Control At 55?


Dr Oz: Gynecology Myths Debunked

Dr. Lauren Streicher was the guest on Dr. Oz February 20 2013 and she stopped by to clear up some gynecology myths you, your gynecologist and even Dr. Oz believed. She told the Dr. Oz audience she found tons of different myths that turned out to be false, from stopping birth control at 40 to estrogen causing cancer. Dr. Streicher said she even found some myths she actually believed for some time.

“Science changes and we have to change too,” Dr. Streicher said.


Dr Oz: Wet Bathing Suits Don’t Cause Yeast Infections

Dr. Streicher admitted she even believed some of the gynecology myths she found to be false, one being that wet bathing suits will give a woman a yeast infection. Dr. Streicher would tell all her patients to take off their bathing suit right after getting out of the water because a wet bathing suit can cause a yeast infection. But Dr. Streicher said it has been disproven.

Dr Oz: IUD Demonstration & Should You Stop Taking Birth Control At 55?

Dr. Oz debunked gynecology myths with Dr. Lauren Stricker, such as taking birth control until 50, how IUDs work and why estrogen cream doesn’t cause cancer.

Dr Oz: Can You Visit the Gynecologist While Menstruating?

One woman on the show wanted to know if she should cancel her gynecologist appointment if she is menstruating and Dr. Streicher told her not to cancel. She said unless it is extremely heavy or there is some kind of infection, you should go to the appointment and if you are debating, call the gynecologist and ask what to do.


Dr Oz: IUD At Any Age

The next woman heard she can’t have an IUD put in because she doesn’t already have children. Dr. Streicher told the woman that in the 1970s and 1980s many gynecologists were telling their patients the risk of infertility and infection is far too high to put an IUD in a woman who hasn’t had children. But the FDA has given their blessing to the IUD saying there are not risks for infertility or infection. Young women are great candidates for the IUD and the only pain a woman might feel is a slight pain in the uterus that will go away after an hour or two.

Dr Oz: How Does An IUD Work?

Dr. Oz and Dr. Streicher wanted to do a demonstration of how an IUD works so Dr. Streicher set up a model and demonstrated how she would insert the IUD into the uterus where the device can stay for three, five or 10 years before it needs to be replaced. And if a woman decides she wants to have a baby during those years, she can have the IUD removed.

Dr Oz: Estrogen Doesn’t Cause Cancer

The next woman with a myth said she heard estrogen can give you cancer and her doctor would not let her use it because of her family’s history with cancer. Dr. Streicher said it is simply not true that estrogen can give a woman cancer. Although some studies have shown an increase in breast cancer for women who use systemic estrogen, there are no studies showing any type of cancer risk related with estrogen.

However, many women might see the warning label on the side of estrogen that says it can cause cancer. Dr. Streicher said the FDA has to put this label on all estrogen bottles because systemic estrogen can cause cancer meaning the FDA labels all estrogen-related products as being cancerous even if they have a lower dose, are used for different things and are used on different parts of the body.

In the end, Dr. Streicher said there are women suffering from dryness and estrogen can help them without upping their risk for cancer.

Dr Oz: Stop Taking Birth Control At Age 55

The next woman Dr. Oz talked with said she heard it is necessary to stop taking birth control at 40 and Dr. Streicher said that is absolutely false. She explained back in the day doctors would tell patients over 35 that birth control pills could cause blood clots but research has shown that is only true in women who are overweight or smoke. For healthy women, birth control can be safe until the age of 55 when doctors will recommend a woman stop taking it because she won’t need it anymore because they are likely done with menopause.


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