Dr Oz: Does an IUD Cause Infertility? Birth Control Placebo Week


Dr Oz: Myths Even Your Gyno Believes

A gynecologist is trusted with intimate details of your health, but with constant shifts and changes in medical science, how can you be sure you are getting the facts? Does an IUD cause infertility? Should you skip the birth control placebo week? Keep reading to get all the details.

Dr Oz’s panel included Dr Hilda Hutcherson, Dr Lauren Streicher (author of The Essential Guide to Hysterectomy), and Dr Evelyn Minaya, vice president of Women Caring for Women. They are all gynecologists, and they have all learned things about health that challenged what they once believed.


Dr Oz: Do Wet Bathing Suits Cause Yeast Infections?

For women who are prone to yeast infections, Dr Lauren Streicher said the conventional wisdom is not to sit in a wet bathing suit. But we have learned that this is a myth. There is no scientific evidence to back this up, so you don’t have to worry about tight jeans or wet bathing suits.

Dr Oz: Child Bearing Hips?

Dr Oz: Does an IUD Cause Infertility? Birth Control Placebo Week

Does an IUD cause infertility? This is one of many women’s health myths debunked by gynecologists. Get more answers from Dr Oz’s team of expert physicians.

Dr Evelyn Minaya said she used to think that the size of your hips determined whether you would be able to have a natural childbirth. But after she had a petite woman deliver a 13 lb. baby after only two pushes, she was proven wrong.


Dr Oz: Musky Odor During Ovulation?

Is it true that all odor down there is normal? According to Dr Hilda Hutcherson, this is something that women are often concerned about. Your private parts should not smell like flowers, so don’t worry.

“Every woman has her own unique, beautiful scent,” Dr Hutcherson said. Compare your scent to these common things around the house to gauge whether it is normal or something to call the doctor about.

  • Aftershave or Musky Odor – This scent can get stronger around ovulation as an aphrodisiac.
  • Yeast – Yeast is natural in women’s reproductive systems. A heavy yeast scent (like fresh bread) on its own is normal, but discharge and itching are signs of infection.
  • Fish – It is often joked about, but it should not smell like the sea. This is a health warning sign of an infection or a foreign object in the cavity.

Dr Oz: Birth Control Placebo Week

Another viewer wanted to know whether it is OK to take her Placebo week. Is it true that not getting your period is a bad thing? Dr Streicher said that it is a total myth. For women who are not taking birth control, having a period IS very important. However, if you are on oral contraception, there is no medical need for you to have a period.

Dr Streicher told Dr Oz that the pill was designed to replicate the natural cycle, and she said that this was an attempt to make birth control more acceptable to society’s standards at the time. In fact, if you are on regular birth control, there are health benefits to not getting your period.

Birth Control balances your estrogen and progestin every day. But during the fourth placebo week, your hormone levels will crash, resulting in symptoms such as migraines, cramps, endometriosis and heavy periods. Try skipping the placebo week if you tend to have these symptoms.

Dr Oz: Does an IUD Cause Infertility?

Is it a bad idea to get an IUD? Does an IUD cause infertility? Dr Evelyn Minaya explained to Dr Oz that this is a myth. Modern IUDs are different than in the past. These contain hormones and are smaller than in the past. They have even been shown to prevent some precancerous conditions.

Some IUDs contain copper, which makes them last longer in terms of effectiveness. Minaya told Doctor Oz that IUDs from decades past contained a different type of string that could attract infection and lead to infertility. Newer IUDs are designed to prevent infection and provide a reversible contraception options.


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