Dr Oz: Is It A Cold Or Allergies? + Monitor, Avoid & Treat


Dr Oz: Cold Or Allergies?

Dr Oz shared that it’s the time of the year where allergies come back, but he wanted to clear up the confusion, as well as your congestion, to help you find out if it’s a cold or allergies, and how you can find relief. Dr Oz said there are four clues you nose will give you to help you figure out if it’s allergies or a cold.

Dr Oz: Is It A Cold Or Allergies? + Monitor, Avoid & Treat

Dr Oz shared how you can tell the difference between a cold and allergies. (mcfarlandmo / flickr)


First is irritation inside the nose. If your nose is healthy, it will be pinkish colored. If it’s allergies, it will be a palish blue color, and if it’s a cold, it will be a bright red color.

Clue number two is all about the mucus. If it’s a thick, colored mucus, that’s more likely a cold. If it’s watery and more clear, that’s more like allergies.

Dr Oz: Sneezing & Symptom Longevity

Dr Oz then shared that while allergies and colds can both make you sneeze, the sneezes will sound different based on what’s causing them. Infrequent sneezes with periods in between them are more likely from a cold, whereas sneezes from allergies are likely to be more rapid fire.


Clue number four was all about time, when and how often you experience symptoms. If you only experience symptoms for two to 10 days, that’s likely a cold, whereas allergies will last for weeks at a time.

Dr Oz: Monitor, Avoid, & Treat

Dr Oz welcomed Dr Beloo Mirakhur, who explained that she follows a simple rule: monitor, avoid, and treat. Monitor means monitoring the level of pollen and mold using a website like weather.com/allergy to get an accurate count of pollen and mold in your area. You should also avoid pollen and mold by knowing what days those levels will be highest, like when it’s bright, sunny, and dry.

Staying indoors all the time isn’t ideal, which is why Dr Beloo said you can treat your allergies with a product like Flonase, which is now available without a prescription now. Flonase provides 24-hour relief and is a full prescription strength although it’s non-drowsy and available over the counter.


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