Dr Oz: Irrationally Angry Wives: Do They Have Perimenopausal Rage?


Dr Oz: Perimenopause

Women on the verge, listen up. This episode of The Dr Oz Show is for you. Explosive mood swings and uncontrollable rage are symptoms of Perimenopausal Rage, a condition that affects millions of women every year.

One of those women is Leslie, a church pastor, who appeared in a home video screaming at one of her three kids. She said she is able to control her emotions at church, but sometimes gets uncontrollably agitated at home with family members.


The irritable feelings can last for two to 20 minutes, and Leslie’s husband said he never knows when they will crop up. Little things being out of place seem to set her off, and her son said he is concerned that there is something wrong with his mother. Leslie said she dies feel guilty after her bouts of rage.

Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage in Women

She is not alone. Lisa, age 47, also has three children who are worried about her behavior. She is suddenly set off by something small, and Lisa said she wondered if she was psychotic. Recently, she exploded at her husband for not doing the dishes, questioning whether they should even be married. After she calmed down, she cried for hours. Her husband said he doesn’t know how to help her.

Leslie and Lisa said they were ashamed and embarrassed by their behavior. In Dr Oz’s audience, a section was devoted to women who experience sudden, uncontrollable rage. A woman named Toby also said she feels immediately guilty after she goes off. She said her life wasn’t always this way, and she knows it’s hard for those around her to deal with.


What Is Perimenopausal Rage?

Perimenopausal Rage: Dr Oz

Dr Oz explained the symptoms and risk factors for Perimenopausal Rage, which typically affects women ages 35-55, before Menopause.

Dr Oz explained that what these women experience is known as Perimenopausal Rage. It is the result of hormonal changes, and it’s something that can be predicted and treated. It is a disorder and the severity can be managed. Dr Oz’s guest, nurse practitioner Marcy Holmes, said this condition typically affects women ages 33-55, before they hit Menopause. Disruptive hormones are at the root of it.

Dr Oz: Do I Have Perimenopausal Rage?

Here are a few signs you can look for in your behavior to see if this condition might be affecting you or your family.

  • Sudden, extreme outbursts
  • Irrational anger
  • Emotional distress inflicted on loved ones

Dr Oz used balloons to illustrate how a hormonal imbalance sets off these outbursts. He said that hormones can eventually be replaced, but sometimes we learn negative behaviors before our bodies can catch up and even things out.

Dr Oz: Perimenopausal Rage Risk Factors

Here are some indicators that it may be time to speak with a doctor about this issue.

  • Severe, sudden mood swings
  • Anger over insignificant matters
  • Extensive history with PMS
  • History of Postpartum Depression

Dr Oz: Husbands & Perimenopause

Dr Oz met with Lisa and Leslie’s husbands. They said it’s stressful not knowing what will set these women off next. They want to help their wives, and are concerned about how this issue is affecting their relationships and families.

Marcy, the nurse practitioner, said that spousal support is crucial. She encouraged the men to hang in there as their wives got this under control. She suggested finding a peaceful moment to ask how you can make the day easier for your wife.

Dr Oz said that husbands often know which buttons to push that can set wives off, and it’s important to avoid such triggers when dealing with Perimenopause. Your brain will respond to your hormones, like it or not, and understanding that is a key to managing this condition.


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