Dr Oz: Iodine Improves Thyroid Function & Pranayama Yoga Stops Stress


Dr Oz: The Fatigue Solution Review

Are you always tired, even after you slept eight hours the night before? If so, then this episode of Dr. Oz is for you. Keep reading to find out how you can get your energy back by fixing the imbalances in your own body.

Dr Oz: 25% Of People Have Gluten Sensitivities

Dr. Jennifer Landa is a women’s health expert who thought being tired was due to being over worked and not getting enough sleep, but she wouldn’t accept that answer when she started feeling tired all the time. After doing some research, Dr. Landa said she found four imbalances in the body that need to be fixed before you can get your energy back. She said by making small changes, you will see immediate results and it all starts with the connection between gluten and iron.


Dr. Landa explained about 25 percent of people have a sensitivity to gluten, which means you are not able to properly digest and absorb nutrients into the body which can lead to health problems. For example, not being able to absorb iron correctly will lead to anemia. Iron also carries oxygen to every part of the body, meaning it is essential in giving us energy.

Dr Oz: Are You Sensitive To Gluten?

Dr. Landa said there are common symptoms of gluten sensitivity, like gas and bloating, but there are also other symptoms more people are unaware of. She explained when you eat you should feel energized but if you feel tired instead, it could be a sign you have a gluten sensitivity because you body is not getting the essential nutrients when you eat food.

To really find out if you have a gluten sensitivity, Dr. Landa suggested removing gluten from your diet for 21 days and eating more vitamin C to help your body absorb more iron.


Dr Oz: Iodine Improves Thyroid Function & Pranayama Yoga Stops Stress

Dr. Oz and Dr. Jennifer Landa went over how iodine helps boost energy levels and how Pranayama yoga helps reduce stress and boost energy levels.

Dr Oz: Sea Salt With Iodine Improves Thyroid Function

Dr. Landa said the next secret to getting energy back lies in your thyroid function and is connected directly to iodine. She explained that iodine is the building block of thyroid hormones, meaning without enough iodine the body’s thyroid cannot function properly and give us the energy we need. Dr. Landa told Dr. Oz the two most common signs there is something wrong with your thyroid are fatigue and thinning of the hair, especially around the outer edges of the eyebrows. She recommended adding more foods with iodine to your diet, such as sea salt.

Dr Oz: Dandelion Tea Improves Liver Function

Dr. Oz said the next surprising key to getting your energy back lies in the function of your liver. Dr. Landa explained how the liver breaks down everything you eat and turns it into energy. It also serves the important function of flushing toxins from the body, so if there is a problem with your liver function it will not be able to function properly and give you the energy you need.

Dr. Oz suggested drinking dandelion tea twice per day to improve liver function.

Dr Oz: Pranayama Yoga Reduces Stress

The fourth important part of energy is testosterone. Although many may believe testosterone is strictly a male hormone, it is also very important to a woman’s energy level. Dr. Landa told Dr. Oz testosterone helps get rid of fat while holding on to important muscles, but when cortisol levels in the body increase, the body’s testosterone levels will decrease. Dr. Landa said stress is a key factor in causing this to happen so we have to figure out ways to reduce our stress in order to keep testosterone at an optimal level in the body. Dr. Oz and Dr. Landa suggested trying Pranayama yoga to reduce the stress in your life.

To perform Pranayama yoga sit on the floor with your legs crossed. As you take a deep belly breath, close one nostril of your nose with your thumb while breathing in then out. Alternate and block the other nostril while taking another deep belly breath in and out. Dr. Landa said to practice this technique for five minutes a day, but twice a day would be even better to reduce your stress.


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