Dr Oz: How An Inspiring P.E. Teacher Changed Her Students’ Lives


Dr Oz Helps Turn a Teacher’s Life Around

Dr Oz has taken an interest in helping people make lasting changes in their lives. He received a letter from a school that wanted him to help their physical education teacher achieve her own health goals, since she spends all her time inspiring the students to stay fit and active.

Kelly is the school’s only Health teacher and its only P.E. teacher, which means she encounters many students at Saint Jean Baptiste High School. Her colleagues agree that she inspires a positive message of health in her students. Some of the kids also spoke about the impact she has had in their lives; one student lost 40 pounds thanks to Kelly’s encouragement.


Dr Oz: Eating a Healthy Lunch at School?

Dr Oz: How An Inspiring P.E. Teacher Changed Her Students' Lives

Dr Oz spoke with the colleagues and students of a beloved P.E. teacher who is dedicated to inspiring young people to lead active, healthy lives. (wow.subtropica / Shutterstock.com)

During breaks or lunches, Kelly tends to grab a to-go option from a nearby restaurant. She does not participate very often with the kids when they are doing drills or exercises. Her co-workers have noticed that she can sometimes be tired throughout the day, and they want to support her in making a change.

On Dr Oz’s set, fellow teacher Dan said that everyone knows Kelly would like to practice what she teaches. Meanwhile, Kelly watched everyone’s comments from backstage. Another colleague, Jodie, speculated that this was a consequence of Kelly putting everyone else before herself.


Dr Oz: How An Inspiring P.E. Teacher Changed Her Students’ Lives

Ashlea, the student who lost 40 pounds, was also on Dr Oz’s stage. She explained that Kelly taught them the consequences of being overweight, and the fact that Diabetes is hereditary. Kelly has equipped her with tools to live a healthier life, not to just be skinny. Student Chanel said that she loves the games and activities in Kelly’s class, because they are encouraged to get moving.

Administrator Geraldine spoke of Kelly’s hard work and dedication, including participation in a variety of extracurricular activities. Finally, it was time for Kelly to join the conversation, and she was welcomed by her own cheering section in the audience. “I’m hoping it’s going to be motivational to change and move forward,” Kelly said of the experience.

Dr Oz: Gallbladder Surgery & Following a Dream

Kelly revealed that she had emergency Gallbladder surgery a year ago. She considered that a wake-up call, and remembered feeling a Heartburn symptom, which Dr Oz said can also be associated with Heart Attacks in women.

Though she has a degree in Business, Kelly dedicated her life to teaching. She was discouraged from pursuing Physical Education, but she ignored the naysayers and followed her dream. But Kelly’s mother, her biggest supporter, passed away one month after Kelly started studying education. She persevered in her mother’s memory. Now it was time for Dr Oz to help Kelly get as fit and healthy as her students.


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