Dr. Oz: Indulge in Your Guilty Pleasures – It’s Healthy!


Dr. Oz: Indulge in your Guilt Pleasures

Dr. Oz said today was all about indulging in our guilty pleasures. Dr. Oz said it can be healthy to indulge in guilty pleasures as long as the guilty pleasures are not harmful and you can not be to excessive about them.

Dr. Oz talked a women named Tarsha who said she feels guilty about taking the day off work. She said she is very busy all the time with work and her children and she can not stop thinking about all the things she could be getting done, but instead she was doing other things. Tarsha said she wanted to stop feeling guilty. Tarsha also said she feels irresponsible when she takes a day off. Dr. Oz said he wanted everyone to stop feeling guilty.


Dr. Oz: Guilty Pleasures – Donuts, Gossip & TV

Dr. Oz: Indulge in Your Guilty Pleasures - It's Healthy!

Dr. Oz is all about indulging in guilty pleasures. The audience votes on what guilty pleasures are best and Dr. Oz tries to get everyone to indulge more.

Dr. Oz told the audience he was going to talk to three women about their guilty pleasures and then he was going to reveal which guilty pleasure was the best to indulge in.

Marlena told Dr. Oz that she loves to eat donuts. Every Saturday the mother of seven goes to get donuts for breakfast but always get a few on the side for herself to indulge in on the ride home.


Adrianna, the mother of two and a fifth grade teacher, said she loves to watch the Jersey Shore with a glass of wine and some pasta. Adrianna said the TV marathons are an escape from normal, everyday life. She can just zone out. But she feels guilty about not spending the time with her family.

Ellen said she loves looking at gossip magazines. She said feels guilty looking at them and knows gossiping is wrong, but she loves it.

Dr. Oz: Best & Worst Guilty Pleasures

Dr. Oz had the audience vote on what the thought the worst guilty pleasure was. Everyone seemed to agree eating donuts every Saturday is a the worst guilty pleasure, but Dr. Oz said he thinks all the guilty pleasures are good for the women. He said it was healthy to indugle in things that make you happy.

Dr Oz: Guilty Pleasures & Your Brain

To make his point more clear, Dr. Oz had the women put on some of the famous purple gloves and pour different liquids over a sponge brain. As the liquid in the cups made the brain shrink away, Dr. Oz explained that not taking time off from work and indulging in different things that make you happy and deteriorate your brain and change your personality.

Dr. Oz wanted everyone to know that you can not let guilt stop you from doing things you love.


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