Dr Oz: Incomplete Urinary Emptying Flaxseed Remedy & Home Tests


Dr Oz: Incomplete Urinary Emptying

Dr Oz has never shied away from questions about bathroom habits or health issues. It’s no surprise that he is now tackling another topic that most of us probably didn’t know about: Incomplete Urinary Emptying. For more information on a related condition, check out The Doctors segment on Urinary Incontinence.

Dr Oz: Incomplete Urinary Emptying

Dr Oz talked about the common but secret condition of Incomplete Urinary Emptying, explaining how you can test for it at home and remedies.


This happens to millions of women and men in America, and many of them may not know what’s wrong with them. That was the story for Patricia from the audience, who said she is always dashing to the bathroom throughout the day. She’s also had multiple Urinary Tract Infections.

What Is Incomplete Urinary Emptying?

Incomplete Urinary Emptying symptoms become more pronounced with age, Dr Oz said. The reason we don’t know its name is because in many cases, people don’t question why they have to go to the bathroom so often.

Dr Oz demonstrated an animation of how the bladder empties urine. When the bladder is unable to completely void itself of urine, bacteria can start to grow. This leads to all types of complications, like UTIs. It can also become painful.


Why would your bladder be unable to empty all the way? The most common reasons have to do with getting older and hormonal changes in your body.

Dr Oz: Post Void Residual Scan

Patricia admitted to Dr Oz that she had just gone to the bathroom and already had to go again. Dr Oz laid Patricia on a table to perform the Post Void Residual (PVR) scan. He learned that Patricia had about eight ounces of urine still in her bladder, which is more than you should typically find in a healthy bladder.

Dr Oz: Belly Press Test

There is a test you can do at home to see if you have this issue. Press on your belly and see if you feel the need to void again. If so, you would want to get checked out with a Urologist.

Dr Oz: Double Voiding Test

After you urinate, wait 10 minutes. Then head back to the bathroom and try to force yourself to pee again. If you are successful, that means you have retained urine in your bladder.

Incomplete Urinary Emptying Flaxseed Remedy

You can treat this issue naturally by calming your urinary tract. Add two tablespoons of Flaxseed to your breakfast, maybe in a smoothie. If you are having any abnormal urinary symptoms, or aren’t sure if your habits are normal, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor.



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