Dr. Oz: I Can’t Stop Binge Eating – Kelly’s Story


Dr. Oz: Binge Eating

On this episode of Dr. Oz, Dr. Oz invited people on to the show who are having trouble with the amount of food they consume in a day. This illness is called binge eating. Many people have binged before, taking an extra helping at a holiday dinner or eating the last slice of cake instead of saving it, but the people Dr. Oz had on the show could not stop eating. It seemed impossible to them and Dr. Oz wanted to help.

Dr. Oz: Kelly is a Binge Eater

Dr. Oz: I Can't Stop Binge Eating - Kelly's Story

Dr. Oz talks to Kelly, a binge eater, who says she just can’t stop eating.


Kelly, a wife and mother of two daughters, has been binge eating for nearly five years. Kelly said she is unable to even stop thinking about food. Kelly said it consumes every single thought she has. She said she has trouble controlling the eating. Kelly said anything from her husband coming home late to being upset by her children, will set her on a binge and when she starts, she is not able to stop. On Dr. Oz, they show Kelly eating a whole pizza by herself and saying she loses track of time when she is bingeing.

Dr. Oz: Binge Eating After Effects

Kelly said after she stops eating, or comes back to reality as she put it, she feels guilty and sad, which triggers her desire to keep eating and suppress the sadness she is feeling from the previous meal she just consumed. It is a vicious cycle she can not get out of. Before she even takes a bite of food, Kelly said she will get anxious, she will start to sweat and everything is consumed by the thought of food.

Dr. Oz: Binge Eating Till You’re Sick

Kelly said she ate for four straight hours and was sick after she finally stopped. It was her worst binge. She has not told her husband she is a binge eater and makes sure her kids never see her binge because she does not want her three year-old daughter to start binging as well. Although Kelly knows she must stop, she said she can not.


Dr. Oz said he was going to help her stop because people should not hide behind food and they should not try to suppress their emotions by burying them under food.


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