Dr Oz: Hypnotism Weight Loss & Paul McKenna Gastric Hypnosis Technique


Dr Oz: Hypnotism Weight Loss

Dr Oz has shared every diet and supplement under the sun that can help you take control of your health and get weight loss results. He talked with author Paul McKenna, who said his Gastric Hypnosis technique mimics the effects of weight loss surgery without the liability. He even did Hypnotism Weight Loss techniques with the entire studio audience to give their a metabolism head start on the road to weight loss success.

Paul said that weight loss too often focuses solely on external factors, but his methods look inward at the internal issues affecting your weight. Find out if you’re really hungry or if you are just misdirecting your feelings into negative behaviors.


Paul McKenna: Weight Loss Hypnotism & Metabolism Results

Dr Oz: Hypnotism Weight Loss

Paul McKenna shared how Hypnotism Weight Loss gets results by linking exercise with pleasure.

Dr Oz introduced Mangeet, a woman in the audience who once weighed 371 pounds. She has now lost 200 pounds by working with Paul McKenna, and she said she looks and feels great. Better yet, she has been able to keep the weight off for seven years.

Mangeet works as a rocket scientist, and she said for years she struggled with the common sense advice to eat less and exercise. It sounds simple, but it’s not that easy for everyone. Mangeet said she cycled through every fad diet and pill but nothing worked for her.


Finally, she had a breakthrough with hypnotism. It was the loss of her husband in a car accident that finally prompted Mangeet to get serious and take action for her own health.

Paul McKenna Gastric Hypnosis Technique

Paul shared his techniques on the show, employing them on audiences in the studio and at home. He said that our metabolism is not fixed, and that starving will only slow the body down.

His advice is to feed yourself when you are hungry to speed up your metabolism, and that exercise will help to keep it charged up. Paul said that any type of movement counts as exercise.

How To Link Exercise & Pleasure

He taught the audience to associate pleasurable things with exercise, like Pavlov’s dog, who associated a ringing bell with mealtime. Paul told the audience to squeeze their finger when thinking of activities that give them pleasure and link that pleasure with exercise in your mind.

Paul said that over time, when given the option to be lazy, you’ll begin to park farther from the door and walk, just to get in a little extra exercise. Do you think Paul’s strategies could work for you?


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