Dr Oz: Hunger Blasting Bloody Mary, Caveman Cookies & David’s Tea


Dr Oz: Appetite Suppressants

If you go through every day always feeling hungry and never seeming to get full, this can be a health problem. Especially if you are choosing sugary snacks and junk food to get you through the day, those extra calories and fat can really start to add up.

Dr Oz understands that cravings can strike anytime throughout the day. That’s why he gave advice on controlling your cravings, day and night. He also shared some Appetite Suppressant Reviews and 200 Calorie Recipes on his show. Plus, meet the Transformation Nation finalists in the Million Dollar You contest.


Dr Oz Bloody Mary Recipe

A Bloody Mary for breakfast could be the key to beating cravings all day long. Just make sure to leave out the alcohol.

Dr Oz: Bloody Mary Recipe

From the audience, Jeanette said she struggles with her cravings. Even though she had a big breakfast, she admitted she was already hungry again soon after. Dr Oz suggested that she trying drinking a Bloody Mary in the morning (but skipping the alcohol).

Dr Oz: Non-Alcoholic Bloody Mary Recipe

The combined ingredients contain Capsaicin, a natural tool in the fight against hunger. Studies show that adding this to your diet will help you consume fewer calories in a day. Jeanette said it had a nice kick to it.



  • 1 cup Tomato Juice
  • 2 stalks Celery
  • Hot Sauce
  • Horseradish


Combine ingredients, adding Hot Sauce and Horseradish to taste.

Dr Oz: Caveman Cookies Review

Jeanette also struggles with the need for snacks late in the day. She usually reaches for carbs, chips, and pretzels. Until Dr Oz comes up with the Vending Machine Diet, I don’t think those choices are going to work long term.

Dr Oz suggested grabbing an Espresso around 3:00, combined with a couple Protein Cookies. Espresso will trick your digestive hormones into thinking you’re full, while protein-rich snacks such as Caveman Cookies give you a little burst of flavor that will keep you away from the salty snacks.

Dr Oz: David’s Fennel Tea Review

If you think you have hunger cravings, you should feel better after spending a day with Jeanette. She is even hungry after dinner, so she keeps eating, even in the middle of the night.

Dr Oz suggested that she try a cup of David’s Fennel Tea before bed to prevent her constant nighttime snacking. It can help control cravings through the night and even the next morning.

For more help, check out Dr Oz’s Appetite Control and Guilt Free Dessert. Also, Vote For The Winner in the Million Dollar You makeover contest.


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