Dr Oz: HPV Test, Pap Smear Test & Going to Gynecologists Every 5 Years


Dr. Oz: Michelle’s HPV Story

Michelle, 37, said she has been married for five years. About four years ago she wanted to start a family with her husband. She went to the gynecologists to get a pap smear and her doctor also gave her an HPV test. The test came back positive.

She always had normal pap smears though. She felt shocked and surprised when the test came back. She thought they had messed up the test and she didn’t know where to turn. She was lost. And she had only been married for one year at this point.

Dr. Oz: Pap Smear Test Can Miss HPV

Dr. Jennifer Ashton said the pap smear is a very important test but it is not perfect. She showed the audience the different kinds of tools gynecologists used to scrape the cervix when doing a pap smear and said it is not always perfect. The gynecologist could swab the wrong part of the cervix and miss the area infected with HPV.

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