Dr Oz: How To Set Up a Living Will Or Proxy Form


Dr Oz: Living Will

There are some steps you can take in preparing for unexpected or drastic changes to your quality of life. One of the ways that people can help protect their wishes and interests is to plan ahead for the possibility of a chronic illness or condition.

Dr. Kenneth Prager is chairman of the Medical Ethics Committee at Columbia University Medical Center. He said that any patient can work with a family member or loved one to designate someone to serve as a Proxy. You can choose a Proxy who will act on your behalf in making medical care decisions in the event that you are not able to make the choices for yourself.


Dr Oz: How To Set A Medical Proxy

Dr. Oz gave the audience advice on setting up a living will and designating a medical proxy.

Dr Oz: Proxy & Advance Directive

One of the approaches Dr. Prager advocated was asking your doctor for a Proxy form during your next regular appointment. Your doctor can answer questions for you about the types of conditions and situations a Proxy or Living Will might cover.

Another way you can prepare for this discussion is by printing a form and taking it with you to your appointment. Sample proxy forms are available online for reference.


Dr Oz: Caring Connections Sample Proxy Form

Since laws governing these types of medical documents vary from state to state, you will need to check with legal or medical authorities in your area to find a form that is right for you.

To find more information and resources n preparing your Proxy Form, as well as sample documents, visit the Caring Connections website at caringinfo.org.

Dr Oz: Living Will – What’s Right For You

There are many options and contingencies to consider when you are planning your Living Will or Proxy. Consider the circumstances under which you would like to be kept alive, as well as the situations where you would prefer that extreme lifesaving measures not be taken.

Many of these situations and scenarios will be outlined for you in a sample document, to help you organize your thoughts and wishes.

Dr Oz: Family Conversation About Living Will

Though these are difficult topics and conversations to have with family members and loved ones, it is important to broach the subject in advance, so everyone is on the same page in case of an unexpected medical event.

Communicating your wishes to family members makes a difficult situation somewhat easier for everyone.  Having these conversations in advance will allow your Proxy to act with your wishes in mind, ensuring that you receive (or refuse) the medical treatment according to your stated desires.

Talking it out means no one has to guess or carry the guilt of making choices without knowing what you want. Having a difficult conversation could save you and your family members pain and heartache down the road.

Dr Oz: Right To Die

Should you have the right to end your own life? That is the question Dr. Oz and his guests explored on the show. With so many different perspectives and opinions to consider, there is a lot for all of us to think about.

Ultimately, Dr. Oz said that he believes patients should be allowed the right to die. Terminally ill patients who want to die with dignity should be allowed to get a legal prescription from a physician, he said.

Where do you come down on this issue? Did today’s opinions and guests sway your thoughts or give you a new perspective?


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