Dr Oz: How To Save Your Phone After Dropping In The Toilet


Dr Oz: Dropped Cellphone In The Toilet

Dr Oz did something that made a lot of people incredibly uncomfortable. He dropped a cellphone in the toilet and shared that, according to his viewers on Facebook, on a scale on 1-10, dropping your phone in the toilet would rank as a 10 on the stress scale for 72% of people. Approximately 67% of people said they would rather give up carbs for a week than drop their phone in the toilet.

Have you ever dropped your phone in the toilet? Knock on wood, luckily, I never have!


One woman shared that she was visiting family when she went to the bathroom and her phone fell in the toilet. Luckily, she hadn’t used the toilet yet, but that wouldn’t have mattered anyway. She dove her hand right into the toilet bowl and fished it out. She immediately wiped it and dried it off, and her phone actually started working again after she took it completely apart to let it dry out.

Dr Oz: How To Save Your Phone After Dropping In The Toilet

Dr Oz shared a tried and true way to rescue your phone after you drop it in the toilet. (jurvetson / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Instant Rice To Save Wet Phone

Dr Oz then shared one of the most popular remedies out there for saving a phone that has been dropped in water: instant rice. Dr Oz actually looked into it, and said it works. Rice is porous, allowing the rice to suck the water out of your phone. So what should you do?

Dr Oz explained that first, if you drop your phone into a clean toilet, you actually shouldn’t be too concerned about bacteria because your phone likely already has the same amount of bacteria as a clean toilet. First, get your phone out of the toilet right away and then clean your hands. Wipe off your phone with a dry towel and don’t try to turn your phone on. If you can, remove the sim card and battery. If you can’t, turn it off.

You also don’t want to try to blow the water out, but instead use a vacuum to try to suck some of the water out. Then, pour some rice into a container and then wrap your phone up in a paper towel. Make a deep hole in the rice and immerse the phone in the rice. You then need to leave the phone in there for 24-36 hours. Once you do that, enjoy a cup of black tea to lower levels of cortisol, which will make you feel better.

Have you ever dropped your phone in the toilet? Did you dunk your phone in rice and successfully save it?

Dr Oz: Rescue Burnt Rice

Before the end of his show, Dr Oz shared another “now what?” moment fix. If you burn dinner, it doesn’t necessarily mean a disaster. If you burn your rice, take one piece of white bread and place it over the rice while it’s still hot and recover, then let it sit for 10 minutes. The bread acts like a sponge and will absorb the burnt flavor. Scoop out the rice that is not burnt and you’re good to go.

Do you have any tricks for saving burnt food?


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