Dr Oz: How To Safely Mix Medicine & Alcohol


Dr Oz: Mixing Pills and Alcohol

Mixing pills and alcohol can be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, this has become a pop culture punchline, but often drugs and alcohol are associated with high profile celebrity deaths. Dr Oz said there were rumors that drugs and alcohol were found in Whitney Houston’s hotel room, and also cited the death of actor Heath Ledger as an example of excess and fame. But it can happy to real people too. That’s why Dr Oz took some time to speak about the dangers of mixing medications and alcohol.

When do the drugs that are supposed to keep you healthy become weapons? Dr Oz and pharmacists Nancy Nkansah hoped to clear up some of the misconceptions about combining drugs and alcohol.


Medications That Are Dangerous To Mix With Alcohol

Dr Oz: How To Safely Mix Medicine & Alcohol

Dr Oz and a pharmacist discussed drug interactions and how to safely mix medicine with alcohol.

Jessica from the audience said she takes an anti-anxiety medication. She also likes to drink a glass of wine at the end of the day. But now she is wondering if that is safe.

Just about everyone in Dr Oz’s audience said they had taken some type of over the counter medicine over the last year. But what should you be watching out for?

  • Painkillers
  • Cough Medicine
  • Antihistamines

About 80% of the population has taken painkillers at some point, and at least 16% take Antihistamines. Be sure you’re reading the label, and don’t ever hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist any specific questions about your medication and alcohol.

How To Safely Mix Medicine & Alcohol

Pharmacist Nancy Nkansah said that about 25% of ER visits annually are due to mixing medication and alcohol. This can happen to anyone, and often people don’t realize there is any issue. But the last couple decades have brought a disturbing 3000% increase in deaths related to mixing medications with alcohol.

Here is how to take a safer approach to this issue and keep yourself out of danger.

  • Wait 60-90 minutes per drink before taking medication.
  • Pay attention to your body for abnormal symptoms or effects.
  • Try changing your regimen to take daily medications later in the day.

After this segment, Jessica said she would think twice about combining her anti-anxiety medication with alcohol.


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