Dr Oz: How to Restart Your Body: Thyroid, Heart & Intestines


Dr Oz: Restart Your Body

Are you looking for ways to feel healthier and live longer? On today’s show, Doctor Oz invited 200 women just like you to New York City in order to take back their health. For the first time, the entire studio audience was going to put on the purple gloves and face the truth about their bodies from the inside out. It’s never too late. You do have the power to change your health for good.

Dr Oz: How to Restart Your Body: Thyroid, Heart & Intestines

Dr Oz spoke about How to Restart Your Body. If you think you might have problems with your Thyroid, Heart or Intestines, read on!


Doctor Oz began the show on Ellis Island in front of the Statue of Liberty, stating millions of people came to the site to change their lives and start over, so this was why he chose this site to begin the show. It was also a fitting place to start on this special 9/11 day.

Dr Oz wanted you to know that regardless of the damage you put your body through, you can undo this damage of your past and live longer than ever. He was giving you the resources for a total body restart. He had everyone hop on the ferry and head back to the studio where they would begin their new start.

Dr Oz: Organ Restart

Dr Oz had his entire audience don the fashionable purple gloves. (Uh-oh, you know what that means). He had everyone in the audience hold and organ that they wanted to restart the most. Some held the heart, others held the intestines or the thyroid.


Doctor Oz says by our 30s and 40s, wear and tear on our bodies can start to show. The heart always beats every minute, which by the time you hit 30-40, comes out to more than a billion beats. During your 30s and 40s, your intestines can’t digest as efficiently as they used to. The liver needs a detox and your thyroid, which regulates weight, mood and metabolism, begins to slow down 20 percent every decade. This may cause you to gain an extra pound every year for each decade.

Dr Oz: How to Restart Your Heart

Emily, an audience member, said her biggest concern was her heart. She just turned 45-years-old and heart disease runs in her family. Her mother and grandmother passed away from a heart attack. She was also concerned because she wasn’t exercising or eating healthily all the time. She wanted to change her life. (She came to the right place.)

Dr Oz says your organs don’t lie to you. They will change how you think about life. He had the entire audience take a good look at the organ they were holding. This was actual life in their hands. They had the power to change what was in their body by making simple adjustments.

Dr Oz: How to Restart Your Thyroid

Trina, an audience member, said she was most concerned about her thyroid. Since her late 30s, she felt tired all the time, had gained weight, and couldn’t lose it. (Join the club, pal!) She believed these issues related to her thyroid because her mother had this same issue and felt her mom passed it on to her. (That’s right, blame it on good ol’ mom!) Doctor Oz says the thyroid is actually a common reason why women gain weight and feel tired. It’s also why we feel aged. The good news is that you can reverse the damage.

Dr Oz: How to Restart Your Intestines to Cure IBS

One audience member picked the intestines because she had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and every time she ate she felt bloated and sickly. She felt her food choices sometimes sent her body into a tailspin to declining health.

Doctor Oz reassured her and the audience that these concerns are very real but that today, they were going to do something about it.



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