Dr Oz: How to Perform CPR on a Baby & Boys Save Baby’s Life Using CPR


Dr Oz: Boys Save Life Of Baby With CPR

When Dr. Oz heard about the story of two young boys saving the life of a baby, he knew he wanted to meet them.

The baby’s mother, Susannah, recalled sitting with her baby on a couch when her baby went limp in her arms. When she realized the child was not breathing, she ran outside to find someone to call 911 for her since her phone had fallen under the recliner and she couldn’t reach it.


Lucky for Susannah, Rocky and Ethan were playing across the street and they were ready to help her. While Ethan ran home to dial 911, Rocky started to instruct Susannah how to perform CPR. He told her all the steps very slowly so she could follow them and within a few moments of following his instructions, Susannah had brought her baby back to life.

Dr Oz: How to Perform CPR on a Baby & Boys Save Baby's Life Using CPR

Dr. Oz talked with two boys who saved the life of a baby by using the CPR they learned from a poster in their school cafeteria and shared how to perform CPR.

Susannah told Dr. Oz she had learned CPR when she was a teenager but her mind went blank in the moment. She said if it had not been for Ethan and Rocky, she did not think her baby would be alive today.


Dr Oz: Boy Learns CPR By Reading Poster In Lunch Line

Rocky, the young boy who assisted in saving the life of the child, said he learned CPR from reading a poster in his lunch line. Every day he would wait in line for lunch and he would always have time to read the CPR poster since the line was so long.

Dr. Oz said he was impressed with Rocky for reading the poster, a poster most people would have walked right past without even looking at it. For their courage and calm demeanor during a hectic situation, Dr. Oz made both of the boys honorary members of his medical unit and he gave them some super hero lab coats.

Dr Oz: Three Steps To Performing CPR

Lipica Shah of the American Red Cross, an audience member and Dr. Oz shared and demonstrated how to perform CPR in three simple steps.

Step #1: Call 911 for help right away.

Step #2: Pump center of chest 30 times with one hand on top of the other. For adults you want to grip your hands together and push down at least two inches on the chest. The compressions need to be done fairly quick. Lipica suggested singing the song “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” to get an idea of how fast to pump.

For an infant, you only want to use two fingers and push down on the chest about one and a half inches.

Step #3: Put one hand on the person’s forehead and the other under their chin to tilt their head back. Pinch their nose and give two breaths in the mouth.

For a baby you want to cover both the nose and the mouth.

Repeat steps one through three until the person is revived or until the paramedics arrive.

Dr Oz: Nose Correlated To Personality

  • Turned up nose – Nurturing, kind and optimistic people who are family-oriented.
  • Hawk nose –  They carve their own path and do not usually seek the help of others.
  • Greek nose – A person who is logical and organized.
  • Triangle nose – Sign of creativity and passion.


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