Dr Oz: How To Make A Change In Your Life + Kill The Guilt


Dr Oz: Are You Ready To Change?

As Dr Oz said, there are a lot of things in our lives that we would like to change, but our reasons for not changing them are pretty common. He introduced three women who have three very different lives, but they all have one thing in common: they don’t know where to start to make a change.


One is a busy mom with no time for herself, while another one said she felt like she was trapped in someone else’s body and was unhappily overweight. The third admitted that she shut down after her divorce and only focused on her children. They were all three overwhelmed, stressed, and tired, and they all wanted to be happier, saying they were ready to make a change. All three were single moms living different lives.

Dr Oz: How To Make A Change In Your Life + Kill The Guilt

Dr Oz talked to three single moms who were ready to make a change in their lives, and helped them go through a plan that would lead them in the right direction. (smemon / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Single Moms Ready For A Change

All three of the women needed time to focus on themselves, so Dr Oz introduced them to Tia Brown. Tia worked with Jenna, Angela, and Debra and gave them all a device that measured their stress levels based on their breathing patterns. They were given a visual representation of when they were stressed. For example, all of their stress really took a hit when their children got home from school. Dr Oz explained that small instances of stress can lead to much bigger problems down the road.

Dr Oz: Making Long-Lasting Changes

Tia said we all come up with huge ideas to tackle our problems, thinking we can make big, overwhelming changes. She said real change requires a process and you have to make practical, personalized solutions, in order to make long-lasting change.

They began with Angela, who was overweight and desperately wanted to change the way she was eating. She said she always told herself she could start over the next day.

Dr Oz: Define Realistic Goals

The first step of the plan is to define realistic goals. Tia explained that when we make changes, it’s like slowly adding to “the pot.” You don’t have to give up ice cream, but you need to make a better choice to reach your goals. Try a lower calorie ice cream or frozen yogurt instead, in order to maintain the change. It’s all a process.

For Angela, she could start by eliminating fried food for the first week. Then for the next week, you add vegetables to every meal, and then the third week you walk for thirty minutes every day. It’s all about adding positive changes to your life slowly, and surely.

Dr Oz: Break The Cycle & Kill The Guilt

The next part of the plan is to break the cycle keeping you from moving forward. Tia said we have to break the cycle of guilt, which can get in the way of us accomplishing what we want. Tia said guilt only prevents you from making your kids resilient, by trying to appease your own guilt. It’s important to kill the guilt!

When you have guilt, it makes you put yourself last, which makes you unhappy, running you down, making you feel guilty again. It’s a constant cycle that gets worse and worse. Tia said you need to recognize specifically why you feel guilty.

Dr Oz: Multi-Masking

Before the end of his show, Dr Oz revealed a new skin care trend called multi-masking. Multi-masking is a customized facial for any specific skin care issues, explained Shaunya Hartley. If you have combination skin, there’s no one-size fits all mask, which is why you can apply different masks to different areas of your face.


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