Dr Oz: How To Let Go Of A Grudge + Willing To Forgive


Dr Oz: Hangover Remedies

If you’ve ever woken up hungover after one-too-many drinks, you’ve likely searched for a cure. One audience member shared that she would probably just have another beer or two. But there was one cure that especially got Dr Oz’s attention, and it was from a woman named Natalie. She shared that she’d been a bartender in New York City for at least 10 years, and found one remedy that works the best. The remedy is chicken noodle soup, and Dr Oz agreed that it certainly works.


Dr Oz explained that the key ingredient that helps a hangover is actually salt. Chicken soup has 890 mg of salt, which is a lot. He explained that salt attracts fluid, which is good when you’re hungover. The important thing i to remember to follow it up with a lot of water to re-hydrate your body. If that doesn’t work, try a little ibuprofen, rather than acetaminophen.

Dr Oz: How To Let Go Of A Grudge + Willing To Forgive

Dr Oz talked to an expert about letting go of grudges and learning what true forgiveness is all about. (vauvau / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Holding A Grudge

Are you guilty of holding a grudge? If so, Dr Oz wanted to focus on letting go of those grudges, just like Sable desperately needs to. Sable explained that she was best friends with her dad, until about seven years ago when he started making decisions that she didn’t agree with. She gets headaches and knows that she loves her dad, but she doesn’t know how to get over her grudge against her dad.

Sable explained that seven years ago she felt betrayed by her dad and even felt depressed at times. She knows that it’s time to face it and let it go. Research has found that those who hold grudges, tend to suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, stomachaches, back pain, and headaches.

Dr Oz: Letting Go Of A Grudge

Sable shared that seven years later, she’s the one holding herself back. She keeps telling herself she’ll get over it, but she still hasn’t. Sable said if she can get rid of the grudge, she’ll be able to accept herself and feel like she’s good enough again. She wants to get to the point that they can be in the same room together and be okay.

Life coach Valorie Burton explained that it can be easy to hold a grudge because of the fear people have of rejection, as well as being too afraid to actually confront their grudge. Valorie said there’s often a misconception about forgiveness, with people thinking that if they forgive someone, it means they’re saying what they did is okay, but that’s not the case. Forgiveness is about letting go of your resentment and negative emotions.

Dr Oz: Be Willing To Forgive

There are three steps to getting over a grudge and the first one is being willing to forgive. Forgiveness is a decision and it means you want your own healing and your own joy, rather than giving someone else power over your feelings. Sable said she agrees that it can be about her. You also have to distance yourself from the grudge and focus on what you want in life.

Finally, you need to let it out to let it go. Write through what you’re feeling and you can feel much better. Sable said working on her is first so she can know that she’s strong enough to move forward. Sable said today was the first step to forever. Is there a grudge you’ve been holding on to that you should really let go of?


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