Dr Oz: How to Get Healthy Revenge After a Divorce & Chork Review


Dr Oz: Healthy Ways To Get Revenge After a Divorce

Dr. Oz talked with two plastic surgeons who offer recently divorced women discounts on plastic surgery, something Dr. Oz did not agree with.  He also talked with one woman who had a tummy tuck performed after she got divorced but regretted the decision because of the numerous complications and scarring she experienced.

In an effort to help more women stop having “revenge procedures” performed on their bodies, Dr. Oz had some healthy ways recently divorced women can get some revenge.


Dr Oz: How to Get Healthy Revenge After a Divorce & Chork Review

Dr. Oz went over three different tips for getting healthy revenge after a divorce and he looked at some new utensils that make eating even easier.

A woman had the following printed on a billboard:

Hi Steven, Do I have your attention? I know all about her, you dirty, sneaky, immoral, unfaithful, poorly-endowed slimeball. Everything’s caught on tape.


Your (soon-to-be-ex) wife, Emily
P. S. I paid for this billboard from OUR joint bank account.

Dr. Oz said the billboard was actually a hoax and he didn’t think it was the best way to get revenge on an ex so he turned to Dr. Alicia Salzer for three tips on getting some healthy revenge.

  1. Find the Old You – Dr. Salzer said it is best to have a strong social safety net to get through the divorce but it is also important to find the old you, the you before you were married.
  2. Make One Drastic, Reversible Change – Dr. Salzer said you could dress a little differently than you did when you were married or you could color your hair a different color.
  3. Set Goals To Get Your Old Self Back – Dr. Salzer said believing in yourself is the best advice she has. Start setting small goals for yourself to achieve because they will help you feel better and get your life back on track.

Dr Oz: Outrageous Food Tools

Dr. Oz found some outrageous food tools that will make eating some of your favorite foods a whole lot easier.

  • 1-Click butter cutter: Put in a stick of butter to cut perfectly thin lines.
  • Chork: A combination utensil of chopsticks and a fork.
  • Wine Glass Holder Necklace: Attach your wine glass to the strap and hang it around your neck to keep your hands free and your wine glass close.


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