Dr Oz How to Calculate Your Life Path Number & What it Means to be a 6


Dr. Oz: Taking Control of Health Through Numerology

Glynis McCants is a numerologist who says you can take control of your health by calculating your life path number. She believes there is a personal connection between birth dates and health.

McCants explained numerology has been around for 2,500 and was invented by Pythagoras. He made the system which places positive and negative attributes on the numbers one through nine. McCants said knowing your number can help with personal relationships, your career and taking control of your health.


But does it really work?

Dr. Oz: Calculating Your Life Path Number

Dr. Oz said he first learned about numerology when he visited India.

Dr Oz How to Calculate Your Life Path Number & What it Means to be a 6

Dr. Oz brings Glynis McCants on the show to talk about life path numbers, how to calculate them and what they mean for our health.


McCants told him when you are born you come through a certain vibrations and you are given a special life path number. Living on the negative side of the number can cause many health problems. McCants said there are a lot of numbers you can find, but the life path number is the most important.

To calculate your life number, you must take your birth date, add all the numbers separately until you reach a single digit number. An example is below:

For Dr. Oz his birth date is 6/11/1960. So he would take each number and add them together separately like so:

6+1+1+1+9+6+0= 24

Now you must take the 24 and keep adding until you get to a single digit number like so:

2+4= 6

Dr. Oz’s life path number is 6.

Dr. Oz: Life Path Number 6

McCants said a six means he is in charge of helping other. Being born on the 11th means he is never realizing, always wondering what is going to happen next. The 2, which is from adding the numbers together, means he is a natural healer. The 3, the ones added together, means he is a silly, goofy person. The 6 means his family is the world to him, and the 9 in his birth year means he is a humanitarian.

Sounds pretty close to Dr. Oz.

For the women in the audience who have a life path number of 6, they need to be in charge. They do not work well under other people. Nurturing is very important to them and if they do not have children, they are kind of people who dress their dogs up in sweaters. McCants said these women need to watch for breast issues. They must also find ways to stay happy, and when things are going smoothy they should acknowledge it and believe they deserve it.

Dr. Oz: Life Path Number 1

People with a life path number 1 are always trying to be number one in everything they do. They want to be the best and sometimes their bodies will suffer with neck pain, back pain, joint pain and the likes. McCants said the best way for them to stay on the positive side of their life path number would be to start breathing and doing stretches.

What is you life path number? Find out what the other Life Path Numbers 2, 3 & 4 or Life Path Numbers 5, 7, 8 & 9 mean.


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