Dr Oz: How To Calculate Pulse Pressure + Bacopa Supplement Review


Dr Oz: Memory-Boosting Prescription

Memory loss can happen as early as your 20s, but you can learn how to keep your brain strong. Dr Oz recommended Bacopa Supplement, Walnut Oil, and learning your Pulse Pressure as helpful tools.

Jill, a 50-year-old mom, is juggling a lot, but she uses solutions such as color-coded lists to help her keep everything in order. Dr Oz compared two brains, one of which was larger. Brain size may not seem to be important, but on the inside, brain cells are hard at work. With aging, we may naturally have brain shrinkage and use less of our brain’s space.


Dr Oz: Bacopa Supplement Review

Dr Oz: How To Calculate Pulse Pressure + Bacopa Supplement Review

Do you know your Pulse Pressure? Dr Oz said it could be a key to knowing your risk for developing Alzheimer’s Disease, so find out how to calculate it.

Thousands of years of cultures have been using Bacopa to strengthen the brain. Bacopa is good for blocking free radicals that we do not always want in our bodies, because sometimes they decide to attack the healthy parts of the body.

Sometimes free radicals can destroy parts of the brain, which is what we do not want to happen. They can erase memories that you wanted to hold onto. But antioxidants, like Bacopa supplement, can be very powerful to reverse these effects.


Take 100 mg Bacopa Supplement, twice a day.

Dr Oz: How To Calculate Pulse Pressure

Do you know your blood pressure? Dr Oz said that we want to keep our blood pressure low, but there is another factor to consider as well. Have you ever heard of Pulse Pressure? Get a Pulse Pressure Test that will help you know your risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.

To calculate your Pulse Pressure, subtract the bottom number (diastolic pressure) of your blood pressure from the top number (systolic pressure). For example, if your blood pressure was 137/87, you would do this calculation: 137 – 87 = 50. In this example, 50 is the Pulse Pressure.

The ideal pulse pressure is under 40. Salt can be a factor in blood pressure. Dr Oz said to keep your salt intake below 2300 mg daily.

Dr Oz: Walnut Oil Brain Benefits

Walnut Oil contains Omega-3s that can cross the barrier and enter your brain, where it could help to reduce inflammation. Try eating a tablespoon of walnut oil daily, or make it into a salad dressing instead of olive oil. Just keep it refrigerated, because it is fragile.

Dr Oz: Crossword Puzzles & Brushing Trick

Keep your brain sharp with fun and games! Crossword puzzles can lower your dementia risks and delay memory loss from beginning.

Dr Oz said you can also learn to strengthen your brain by brushing your teeth with the opposite hand. If you are right-handed, try brushing with your left hand to make your brain stronger.


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