Dr Oz: How to be Prescribed Adderall & Criteria for ADHD Diagnoses


Dr Oz: ADHD Diagnoses Double In Past Five Years

Dr. Oz already talked with the parents of a child who became addicted to Adderall and killed himself. They shared their story about trying to help their son, trying to get the doctors to stop prescribing the drug to their son and how they were turned away after the doctors cited patient/doctor confidentiality.

He also talked with an expert about the need for family to give support to someone with ADHD and he explained why Adderall prescriptions and ADHD diagnoses have doubled in the past five years.


Dr Oz: Adderall vs Aspirin

Dr. Ned Hallowell, an ADHD expert, told Dr. Oz Adderall is a very safe drug when used appropriately but cautioned that it can be very dangerous when not used the right way. Dr. Hallowell compared Adderall to Aspirin when he said both are safe when they are taken properly, but when they are not, they can both lead to suicide.

Dr. Oz did not agree with the comparison and said a person cannot become addicted to Aspirin like they can with Adderall. Although they might have different viewpoints about the safety of Adderall in comparison to Aspirin, both Dr. Oz and Dr. Halloway both believe the increased cases of Adderall addiction are dangerous and they need to be fixed.

Dr Oz: How to be Prescribed Adderall & Criteria for ADHD Diagnoses

Dr. Oz looked at the criteria for being diagnosed with ADHD, how children are tricking doctors into prescribing Adderall and his advice for the future.


Dr Oz: Adderall As Addictive As Cocaine

Dr. Oz revealed Adderall can be so addictive the FDA has placed it on the same list with cocaine as being just as highly addictive. He also said he wants everyone to be aware of what an Adderall pill looks like because kids are taking them from the medicine cabinets and handing them out to their friends. Not only can this be dangerous and lead to addiction or death, it is also highly illegal to distribute pills. If a someone gets caught giving Adderall, or any prescriptions pills to friends, it could be seen as the distribution of narcotics.

With that being said, any time you see an all blue pill, it could be Adderall and it should raise a big red flag about what your child is doing. Dr. Oz told the audience he is deeply concerned our kids have developed a dependency on Adderall to help them get through life and he wants it to stop now.

Dr Oz: How To Fake an ADHD Diagnosis

Dr. Oz looked up the criteria for a patient to be diagnosed with ADHD and he was stunned at how easy it can be to fake all the symptoms. Dr. Ned Hallowell said it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to make sure a patient is not faking it. If he ever has a doubt about a child possibly faking symptoms he will require further testing for the patient. He also told Dr. Oz when he prescribes Adderall he makes it clear he needs their permission to speak with other family members, or even teachers, so he can give them the best care possible.

Check out the three criteria for being diagnosed with ADHD below.

  1. Fails to give close attention to details
  2. Does not seem to listen when spoken to
  3. Difficulty organizing tasks

Those don’t seem too hard to fake.

Dr Oz: Who Can Best Diagnose ADHD?

Dr. Oz told his viewers he thinks his fellow doctors need to do a better job. They need to be better informed when it comes to diagnosing ADHD and prescribing Adderall to the people they think could have ADHD. He admitted he would not know how to diagnose someone with ADHD but felt the person most qualified for the job would be a trained psychiatrist.

Dr. Oz ended by saying we need to take a hard look at ourselves and our culture, a culture that is pushing children to try and be perfect by using addictive and deadly medications just to do better in school. He wanted everyone to talk with their kids today and tell them it is okay to not be perfect all the time.


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